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By: Linda Kemp

Since the earliest times of humanity, the ideal of a fountain of youth has been doggedly pursued. In earlier years, people actually spend their lives searching for a literal fountain of youth that would confer immortal life, beauty and youth to its users. We have pretty much ruled out that idea by now, but we are still searching for that elusive fountain of youth. Now, we pursue scientific knowledge in the hopes that eventually we will find the perfect cure for the age-old problem of growing older.
Currently, our potential regimes of healthy eating, plastic surgery, laser treatments, and other age-defying efforts are doing a pretty good job of keeping us looking and feeling younger for a pretty long time. However, there is definitely more that can be done. While the absolute fountain of youth that will provide everlasting immortality is still a dream, there are things you can do to make sure you stay youthful as long as humanly possible. Perhaps one of the best things is something very simple- add acai berry to your diet. This South American berry is a very potent source of the same nutrients that are touted for their anti-aging benefits and have the potential to provide you with at least a small part of that fabled fountain of youth. Among people who currently use Pure Acai Berry, the experience is unanimous- the berry really does seem to turn back the years and keep the dream of youth going.
Without some sort of miraculous fountain of youth that completely erases disease, aging, and the like, the best thing for us to do is to ensure a healthy dose of certain nutrients each and every day. Among the most important for keeping aging far at bay are the antioxidants (specifically anthocyanins), the omega fatty acids, and a wide range of vitamins.
Our bodies are under constant assault from substances called free radicals, which result from everything from pollution and toxins to innoculous activities like eating. Free radicals are the primary cause of aging and cause heart problems, cancer, wrinkles, and much more. These free radicals, when given free reign in the body, can cause cells to mutate and the body to start aging extremely quickly. However, just by using Pure Acai Berry every day, you can stop these free radicals in their tracks! Just one service of this berry has more power to stop free radicals than several servings of fruits and vegetables each day!
Omega fatty acids are a very rich source of anti-aging compounds and help keep your heart and vascular system strong. In fact, according to researchers, omega fatty acids are what keep people eating the Mediterranean diet so strong and healthy throughout life. These acids can be hard to come by in a normal diet since they are found only in fresh foods like fish, but there is a very high concentration of them in Pure Acai Berry. Adding this berry to your diet can help keep your cardiovascular system strong, keeping you younger, fitter, and stronger no matter what your age.
The sheer number and concentration of vitamins and minerals in Pure Acai Berry also prevents you from seeing premature signs of aging. A and C have antioxidant properties, B gives you energy, and calcium prevents osteoporosis and other problems.
Add Pure Acai Berry to your diet and you too will soon see the amazing anti-aging effects that this berry has. If you have been wishing for a fountain of youth, this is surely it.

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