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By: Linda Kemp

If there is one supplement that you should use in order to make sure that you stay in the best of health and that you don't fall prey to disease, premature old age, or even weight gain, it is the acai berry. This one small fruit of the Amazon rain forest region is so impressive in its nutritional makeup that it should be in the diet of every single American. Every single part of your body can benefit from the effects of this wonder supplement, from your brain to your heart and from your energy levels to your libido.
Pure Acai Berry does its magic because of it huge concentration of all of the good nutrients that are so essential to human health. In fact, there is no other food in the world that is so concentrated in so many nutrients and that should be considered so essential. To get a full idea of just how ideal this berry is for your health read this list of what is contained within this berry's flesh.
Anthocyanins: Anthocyanins are a form of antioxidant which is absolutely essential to keeping the body's cells from being damaged from the daily onslaught of free radicals formed throughout the day. Free radicals cause cell deterioration including splitting cells, damaging membranes, and causing dangerous mutations. The only way to prevent this deterioration of your cells is to get enough antioxidants that can neutralize these free radicals. To measure just how much antioxidant capacity we are getting each day, we use something called the ORAC measurement. This stands for oxygen radical absorption capacity and it is considered optimal if people ingest at least 3000 ORAC each day. Each serving of Pure Acai Berry contains more than this amount, allowing your body to properly defend against free radicals.
Fatty Acids: The fatty acids that Pure Acai Berry contains are what can be considered the good kinds. These are the omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which are essential for keeping the cardiovascular system in good working order. In fact, though low fat diets are prescribed for heart patients, these same patients are told that getting enough of these omega fatty acids is necessary for optimal health. This is because these fatty acids keep cholesterol levels low, help prevent blood clots, reduce inflammation, and regulating triglyceride levels.
Vitamins A, C, and B: Pure Acai Berry contains a ton of different vitamins, including large quantities of A, C, and the B complex. A and C both have antioxidant properties and help the immune system function at its best. Vitamin B is a very important vitamin complex for regulating energy, as well as other functions. If you find that you get tired really easily or you spend a lot of time working out or working hard, getting plenty of Vitamin B is definitely a very good idea.
Phytosterols: Acai berry also has a unique substance known as plant sterols. These are special compounds found only in plants that help to regular cholesterol levels and keep the heart healthy. These are the same compounds found in oatmeal that makes it a good food to keep cholesterol lower and serve a very important purpose in the body.
There are still more nutrients to Pure Acai Berry but this has been a run down of some of the most important. Take care of your health by adding Pure Acai Berry supplement to your diet. Your body will thank you.

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