Adding Samsung Apps To Your Tv

By: Mel Joelle

Samsung provides apps for PCs, smartphones, tablet computers— and television! These apps can make watching TV a more memorable experience. (Incidentally, five months ago the five millionth TV app download was reported!) Here are some of those programs, some of which must be purchased, but most of which are free. Some are for watching videos, others are video games.

- WealthTV 24/7 provides up- to- date information on cars, news, fashion, and other things.

- Take an imaginary gambling trip to Las Vegas with Texas Holdem. There you choose a character to be your player (some of them include Irish four- leafed clover Bandy Boug, rainbow Daring Danny, and shining Gold Digger Granny) and proceed to try your luck at a game of poker!

- 3D TV Album (must be purchased for $1.99) allows you to view Washington DC and other places through 3D glasses (which have to be bought separately).

- In the game of Four- Leaf Clover, the player has to pick out the occasional four-leaf clover in a sea of three-leaves!

- For those who like the challenge of figuring out words, there is Cross Word.

- And for the baseball fan, Common Sense in Baseball provides enjoyment. Common Sense in Soccer is also available as well.

- Historic Moment provides views of ten masterpiece paintings of historic events that changed the world. Costs $1.99.

- Skyview (99¢) shows how the night sky will look on any given night where you are, and even gives the myths behind each constellation!

- Real Drums allows the user to play on different kinds of drums using the TV remote control!

- MOG Music plays millions of songs, which can also be downloaded to Android or iPhone.

- Armchair Astronaut ($1.99) is all about the solar system; images are in 3D.

- Greek and Roman Myth— classic paintings of ancient mythological tales

- Ambiance (99¢)— makes the viewer feel as though he were relaxing near an ocean surf, a boat dock, paddling in a canoe, or any number of other settings, complete with sound.

- Afternoon Tea— teaches how to make tea in a way that will have friends look forward to coming over!

And there are those apps that can help make the household chores easier. Two of them are:

- Cooking Timer enables you to time your cooking while working elsewhere.

- Smart Laundry tells how to clean different stains off clothes made from different materials.

And for educating one’s children (many of these are also games):

- Animal Farm (no connection with Orwell here)— object is to find hidden animals

- Æsop’s Fables— The tales are beautifully illustrated.

- Shoot the Crab— a learning game

Finally, here are a few for keeping in shape:

- ABSercizer— helps to fit into your jeans

- Yoga Guide ($1.99)— You can select and save your favorite yoga poses on this great program!

As you can see, there is an app for every personality, every lifestyle that can be conceived of.

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