Add Ten Inches To Your Vertical With The Jump Manual

By: Jayden Shemayah

The Jump Manual takes a scientific approach to “vertical explosion” training. Recent studies have shown that successfully training every facet of the vertical jump is the solitary method to maximize your vertical jump explosion.

According to the author there are nine separate improvable aspects by which you may increase your vertical explosion and speed. Would you rather pursue some of these-or all nine? This may seem like a rhetorical question, but unfortunately most programs simply aim for a small percentage of these nine aspects. The Jump Manual is the lone program to target every aspect of vertical jump explosion and quickness. Targeting each individual feature permits results to be achieved more quickly. The combined outcome of training all of the aspects produces results fast.

With “The Jump Manual”, you will learn the exercises necessary to improve your vertical jump. But that's not all - you will also learn how this combination of exercise, proper form, diet, and additional areas will COMPOUND the result of exercises alone to give you the ultimate increase in your vertical jump.

How quick will I notice results?

Of course results depend on a lot of independent conditions and factors. Many athletes state gains of one inch per week or more. Improvements will be different from athlete to athlete.

Remember to maintain realistic expectations for this program. Results often come when you least anticipate them, but when you follow proper principles, they WILL come. Frequently gains of 1 inch per week are noticed. The greatest results usually come at the beginning as you start to make active muscles and techniques that have never been used. You will ultimately settle in to a steady climb of improved explosion and speed.

The Jump Manual promises that you will add 10 inches in your vertical jump in just 12 weeks or they will refund your whole purchase price. They assert that they have NEVER had one individual that has completed the 12 week program that has not been satisfied. THAT IS 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION! They must be producing the results that they are promising. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT NOW! In just 2-3 months you could be jumping like you have always wished you could!

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