Acupuncture as the Method of Recovering Body and Soul

By: Yvonne Rogers

In fact at 針灸院 where future specialists are trained there’s an atmosphere of calmness and self confidence. Many deceases that impact out body are harmful for the soul too and at 針灸院 both the body and the spirit are treated.

The Main Principles of 針灸
No one knows exactly when 鍼灸 appeared and where the first 針灸院 was situated. But they say that it was invented by a military man who was wounded and that’s why he discovered that the influence on some parts of our body cans relief the pain in the others. From that moment he started to use that method and soon it was spread all over the world. The evidence about 針灸 and the first 針灸院 is in one of museums in London. It is dated 1555.

The main principles of 針灸 haven’t changed too much from that moment. They are used in China, Japan, India and many other oriental countries and are now popular in western countries too.

The Main Questions about 鍼灸
Is 鍼灸 really necessary in my situation? Can it be helpful especially for me? Is it really a good way to cope with deceases or is just the legend? All those questions are asked by people when they come to an 鍼灸院 and are met in a friendly manner there. The doctor will answer all the questions you need and will calm you down. You mustn’t be afraid that the needle will cause a great pain – it is extremely small and will never disturb you too much. Besides it will never broke – as some people think when look at an accurate needle. The doctor will examine you carefully and find the acupressure points. We have 24 points and every point is responsible for the correct work of some organ. Thus 鍼灸 is the way of treating some organ and stimulating its work through those points. No one knows exactly if the main principal of 鍼灸 is scientifically proved by in practice – it works!

Why is 鍼灸 not Always Helpful?
In fact 鍼灸 is not always helpful and there are cases when it doesn’t work. Thus you will come to the 鍼灸院 and the doctor will tell you that you can’t become their client. It can happen if you have cancer of any organ or some other tumor. The influence on acupressure point can make 針灸 even harmful.

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There are other methods of non-traditional medicine that will do you a lot of good – just choose them and use!">鍼灸 is that kind of treatment that was checked and used by our predecessors. It can help to recover body and soul to any of us. We just must believe and trust our doctor.">針灸院 is a good method to become healthier!

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