Acne prevention and treatment simplified

By: William Nicholson

Sometimes it might seem a little unfair. You thought that your acne had finally cleared up, and it shows up again. Acne isn't just a "teenager's problem", because more and more adults are getting it.
If you got acne as a teen, it was probably acne vulgaris. This malady is quite different from the equally-embarrassing acne rosacea. Of all acne treatment discoveries, one of the greatest has to be the use of topical retinoic acid, or Retin-A. A couple of newly formulated, slow releasing formulas can decrease the skin irritation that Retin-A can sometimes bring about.
There are other treatments that go after the root causes of the problem, and they are sometimes used in conjunction. Some of them are: Any of the alpha hydroxy acids: gluconic and glycolic acid, or lactic acid -Accutane for severe cases -Birth control pills -Topical antibiotic creams -Benzoyl peroxide
Accutane is the most hazardous of all of the above options, due to its risk of birth defects If you've chosen to use Accutane, and you're female, make sure that you have a reliable birth control method on hand.
If you go to a doctor for your acne, it will be treated surgically. It can also be done at home. Generally it's not recommended to squeeze pimples yourself, because it can spread acne from one area to another. It's generally recommended that people who have more severe acne visit a doctor for treatment.
Buying an acne treatment can be confusing at first. Anyone who has tried knows this. There are a lot of choices available as far as acne treatments go, and everyone is a little different.
Alternatively, some have success with the many over-the-counter acne treatments available today. If you have ever tried to buy an acne remedy, you probably know that there are a lot of choices in this area, and no one choice is right for all of us.

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