Acne and Teenagers equals problems at School

By: Valerie DeVette

Is beauty just skin deep? Maybe not. Studies have confirmed that acne can lead to social withdrawal and social phobia, especially in young people.
My friend, for example, has a teenaged son with acne problems. His acne is mild but people made fun of him anyways. Even his closest friends had started teasing him.
At first he let it roll off his back, but then it started to get to him. He started skipping school functions, parties and games. He even stopped going to club meetings.
My friend finally told me that the teasing and joking were making him a bit uncomfortable. He had started hating the way he looked and tried to steer clear of situations where he could be judged or made fun of.
When he started not going out, his parents started to worry. He used to be an extroverted child and the life of the party. Now he would just stay in his room for hours.
They finally decided to take him to a therapist. It turned out that the seemingly innocent comments that everyone made had led him to develop a social phobia. He was suffering from an anxiety disorder brought on by his acne problem.
I was completely stunned. Teenagers and acne go together like peanut butter and jelly. I never thought a teenager could develop such a serious condition because of acne.
Dealing with the Physical and Psychological Problems that Accompany Acne
To treat his anxiety, he started going to weekly sessions with a therapist. In therapy, his treatment had to do with learning to deal with his self image. All of the times he was teased or laughed at, his self esteem would break down just a little, and now it was time for him to build up his self esteem and the image he had of himself.
His therapist also advised him to seek professional help from a dermatologist and not to rely just on over the counter drugs as treatments for acne. The dermatologist advised natural acne products that would help clear up his skin and not cause any side effects.
Now he follows a skin care routine that has helped his skin clear up. He still has some minor breakouts, but he can control them both physically and psychologically.
So next time you think about teasing someone with acne, remember that the problems that come with.

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If you feel like a outsider, talk to someone about it and try natural skin care treatments to help prevent breakouts. Pimple treatment is not only about treating acne. Acne should not keep you from doing the things you love to do.

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