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By: Mike Walden..

Most acne sufferers will agree that almost all the cures fall flat when delivering, while they promise the world. But most people think that the treatment itself was perfectly OK, it was just the body that could not respond properly, and so the blame is within them. The causes of failure may be in wrong administration of the treatment and even in the genetic framework. Though this never happens, but many sufferers are also of the opinion that acne goes away on its own. Both of these ideas are wrong. In 99% of all cases, the acne treatment cannot help you get rid of the growths - no matter how much effort you put in. The matter of fact is, the acne never goes away on its own as they are not something temporary.
I have research on the subject for 7 long and hard years because I suffered badly when it comes to acne outbreaks. And today I can say that all the research, experimentation and trials have finally yielded the desired results - I have been able to get rid of the acne that made me suffer for so long. Some of the treatments that I tried lead to scarring and so the impact was negative. However today I have been able to beat my acne and my skin now is great. That is because I have found the acne equation that gives permanent results. Incidentally, this same equation works well for thousands of people.
If you are suffering from acne, you also need to get rid of it and have a great acne free skin. I will show you the way to achieve this. Let others not misguide you.
But why do all the acne treatments that are available fail to deliver? In this report I will discuss this issue. I will also inform you about the only acne treatment that works to effectively give you the clear skin that you deserve.
Why do all the acne treatments fail?
The real causes of acne are all internal. There are hidden causes that lead to the formation of acne, which basically is just the symptom that becomes visible on the exterior. The problems on the inside need to be fixed. They need to be identified and then treated individually - because only then can you finally win the battle against acne.
However sadly, all treatments you will come across do exactly the opposite of this. That is, they try to treat the symptoms and not the causes such as the over production of sebum (Accutane), the acne bacteria (Benzoyl Peroxide or antibiotics), inflammation and puss (topical acne treatments and anti inflammatory diets). There are some special detox diets and herbal remedies that also do not achieve the results because they too tackle just a few of the real causes.
Because of this, there are no acne treatments that can permanently get rid of the issue. They make the mistake of either completely ignoring the root causes or at best just targeting a few of them.
Holistic treatment is the only way that lets you cure acne permanently
Acne is just the symptom - the real causes are all complicated and remain within the body. Understanding this as a fact is the first step towards getting rid of acne. It is also necessary to know that there are multiple factors that have a role to play. External as well as internal factors work together to create an environment that is suitable for the growth of acne. And so, all these factors need to be neutralized.
The holistic path is the only effective way to get a permanent cure for acne. Treating the body as a whole, the holistic approach treats all these internal factors and eradicates the problem from the root. When you opt for this approach of treatment, you agree that acne is a complex situation and it needs to be fixed from the inside and not the outside.
Understanding this and taking up holistic remedies will ensure that the disease is uprooted at the core - and only this will ensure that acne can never make a comeback again.

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Mike Walden is a certified nutritionist and author of the #1 best-selling e-book, Acne No More . For Further Information: Acne Treatments

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