Acne Scar Treatment and Tips in Prevention

By: Valerie DeVette

A very common skin affection that keeps us from healthy skin is acne. Many leave it untreated because of its commonality and their perspective of it as a minor problem. Longer lasting effects such as discoloration and scarring can occur if acne is left untreated. There are also deeper consequences such as social embarrassment and lower self esteem. It is possible to avoid these negative consequences by clearing your acne and gaining a clear complexion.
Acne Formation
Acne develops deep in the skin's surface at the base of hair follicles. These spaces are surrounded by skin cells and sebaceous glands that are responsible for producing sebum, a type of oil. The sebum in clear follicles brings dead skin cells to the surface to be washed away. Blemishes are caused by an interruption of this process when a follicle is unable to secrete a group of dead skin cells. A blocked mass of dead skill cells and oil produces a micro comedone. Bacteria begin to grow in this microenvironment, as it is able to fuel itself and live off of the dead skin cells and oil. If this continues, it will cause a whitehead, a closed comedone, or a blackhead, an open comedone. In more severe infections your body attempts to fight it off creating the mass to grow larger with inflammation and result in a painful bump or cyst.
Causes of Acne
This process can be initiated by a number of different factors. Stress related and heredity factors are the most significant, however diet can play a strong role as well. The response of some people toward their acne might be doing more harm than good. For example, women often cover blemishes with heavy oil based make up that can worsen the condition. Excessive washing can also exacerbate the affected areas. You also should be careful with hair products that might contain oil and cause problems around the forehead and temples.
Acne Tips and Treatment
1. Leave blackheads and whiteheads alone to heal naturally. Popping them or picking at your skin leads to further infection and future scarring.
2. Do not overdo your skin care routine with excessive washing. Blackheads may appear to have dirt, but the darkening is actually due to oxidized sebum. If you wash and scrub your skin too often you can worsen your condition. Wash twice a day with gentle acne sensitive products and pat dry.
3. It is important to use noncemdogenic skin care products because they do not cause or aggravate acne.
4. Read over your acne products carefully. Most over the counter products cause skin to be sensitive to the sun. It is recommended to always apply sunscreen and use UV protection.
5. It is important to talk to your doctor before you consider any treatments such as facials. These treatments might worsen your condition.
6. Avoid causing oily skin by putting your hands near your face. The more oil on your face, the worse the acne. It is also helpful to keep your hair out of your face as it also contains oil.

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