Acne Scar Resurfacing for Facial Scars

By: Clarita Milles

Pimples are in their prime during adolescence, however, waking up in the morning to find a pimple on your face may keep occurring well into your 30s.
Unfortunately, some people tend to breakout even past their 50s. This is mainly due to genetic factors. However, there is still something far more disconcerting than getting acne, and that's getting acne scars.
Acne Scars - How to cope
Oftentimes an adolescent acne breakout can lead to acne scars, but so can acne that has just appeared on more mature skin. To remove acne scars you can use a wide range of methods known as skin resurfacing or acne scars resurfacing
Some resurfacing methods include:
*Laser resurfacing.
This technique uses a CO2 laser that vaporizes damaged skin layer-by-layer. This process causes minimal damage to the underlying layers of skin tissue. It is used for aged and sun damaged skin as well as for all types of scars. Fortunately, this technique has little or no down time. *Chemical peels.
This treatment uses caustic chemicals to destroy several layers of the skin. The depth at which the chemical peel can treat the skin can vary according to the person's needs. However, after the healing process has finished, wrinkles and other irregularities disappear.
This is a procedure in which an abrasive tool is used to remove certain layers of the skin. The abrasion can be done manually or with a motorized tool. This procedure seems to be the most effective against acne scars.
This procedure is less aggressive than dermabrasion. Due to this, the procedure can be done without anesthesia. You should know, however, that the effects of microdermabrasion take time to show.
Try a home microdermabrasion by using a microdermabrasion cream. At-home microdermabrasion creams allow you to undergo treatment at your leisure. This allows you to spend your time doing other, more exciting things.
These creams contain abrading micro-crystals that help slough off layers of the skin. Some of the best microdermabrasion creams not only contain micro-crystals but also contain natural ingredients, like snail serum, that also help moisturize your skin. Having snail serum in a microdermabrasion cream is beneficial because it contains a natural glycoconjugates compound that functions as an adaptogen and also dissolves damaged and abnormal tissues. This natural compound also triggers skin regeneration and is a powerful antioxidant.
Rose hip seed oil is another natural ingredient that shares similar properties as snail serum. It contains high levels of retinol, vitamin C and essential fatty acids. This is important because when fatty acids are absorbed into the skin they convert into prostaglandins (PGE). It's these prostaglandins that are involved in cellular membrane and tissue regeneration.

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