Acne Problems - Acne Home Remedies To The Rescue

By: Gen Wright

Acne problems can be minor or severe. The real cause of acne has yet to be determined. But many people believe that acne are caused by diet, poor skin hygiene habits, hormones, lack of vitamins, or from sheer stress.

It is common to find someone having an outbreak of acne in his or her teen years, and then seeing the skin clears up as the teen grows up. Teens are more susceptible to acne outbreaks due to hormonal changes in the body, stress and most probably from lack of sleep - especially during the exam period.

As the real cause of acne is unknown, it is better to spend time searching for a solution to acne problems. Of course, the most obvious solution would be to consult a skin specialist. However, skin specialist consultation visits may cost more, and they are often unnecessary when the acne problems are severe. The other option would be to adopt commonly known acne home remedies. If it helps to clear the acnes, then costly medical fees can be avoided. Here are some well known acne home remedies.

1) Get enough rest and drink more water.

Getting enough rest and drinking enough water improves general health. It helps to keep stress at bay, thus preventing an acne outbreak. Drinking more water also helps to clear toxic wastes in the body. This helps to improve the general condition of the skin.

2) Maintain an active lifestyle.

Get plenty of exercise. Like the first home remedy, exercise encourages blood circulation and helps to improve general health. As the immune system strengthens, the skin takes on a naturally healthy glow. Often, we observe that active people like athletes have naturally beautiful complexion.

3) Eat plenty of fruits.

As some people believe that lack of vitamins may cause acne, eating fruits may be a possible solution to preventing acne outbreaks. Fruits contain many important vitamins for the skin to remain healthy. Also, it helps to prevent skin from dehydrating.

4) Keep clean!

Finally, remember to keep your skin clean. That means washing your face with mild soap and water at least once a day. If necessary, wash your face whenever it is exposed to pollutants like dirt and grime for prolonged periods of time. This can happen when you are walking along busy streets that are polluted with dirt, dust and poisonous gases.

The above tips should help prevent acne problems. But in the event that you are already suffering from acne problems, you can still use these tips. However, remember not to scrub the acne. Scrubbing may result in leaving unsightly scars or blemishes on the skin surface.

When you get plenty of exercise, have a balanced diet and get enough rest, you are taking good care of your health. Your face will naturally benefit from the efforts that you have taken to maintain your overall health. Acne problems can thus be avoided. If these tips do nothing to help your acne problems, do seek professional medical advice. Doctors will be able to come up with alternative solutions to solve your acne problems.

So never suffer alone! Know that help is always readily available.

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