Acne Prevention Remedies

By: Rudy Silva

When you develop acne, it can have a major change in your strong and active personality. It has the power to make you feel helpless, insecure, and bashful. To get a smooth and clear face, you need a new attitude about your health. Your acne and treatment that you use for it should start with improving your health.

Hormones that are released by the various organs are controlled by your overall health. The releases of excess hormones, which cause acne, is a result of your health. If you do not have a healthy body, then you will have an imbalance in your hormones. This imbalance may not cause acne, but in many individuals it does.

The medical industry and many dermatologists think that diet does not cause acne. The result is when they treat you for acne, and they don’t tell you to improve your diet. Their idea of treating acne is to use drugs and antibiotics. When you use drugs, they imbalance your hormones even more. Using drugs can give you temporary relief, but your acne will come back.

If you been struggling to get rid of pimples, then its time to get serious about your acne and treatment. Take curing your acne into your own hands. What you have to do is to realize that acne is caused by the food you eat. The food you eat determines how your body works. Put good food into your body and gain good health and you will have a clean face.

For you acne, eating a good natural diet is a good start. By changing your diet, you will not clear your acne in three days. For your diet to make a change in your body, it takes at least 3 months. But, if you never change your diet then, it will take forever before you see an improvement in your health and a change in your acne face.

First, here are some lifestyle changes you need to change. If you smoke, drink alcohol or drink coffee, don’t get eight hours sleep, get depressed frequently, or get upset or angry a lot, then this program will not work too well for you.

Here is a good diet to help you get back your health. There are certain foods that you need to stop eating for acne and treatment. Since it may be difficult to change your eating habits, it is best to replace a “poor food” with a "better food." And, you need to change your eating habit gradually.

* White flour products such as bread, pastries, donuts, or cookies have very little food value. These products do not build a good body. Use multi-grain products. Eating fried foods like fried chicken, fish, or french fries are bad for your health. If you do any frying use coconut oil, since it does not decompose at high temperatures.

* One way to know if the food you eat is good is to know that good food is not found in packages. Packaged food has all kinds of chemical additives that literally poison your body. They disrupt you organ functions creating hormonal imbalances that lead to acne. Most food that is good for you is not found in the grocery store it is found at the farmers market.

* Milk is also one of the foods that are over rated and commercials have created an atmosphere that if you don’t drink milk you will lack calcium. You don’t need milk to get all the calcium your body needs. Milk has a lot of fat, causes allergies, and mucus. Milk compromises your health and can cause you to break out with pimples and skin infections and other blemishes.

* Eat more fruits in the morning to detoxify your body. Eat more raw vegetables for lunch and dinner. Try to avoid eating cooked vegetables. These vegetables lose up to 50 percent of their nutritional value when cooked. It is best to steam your vegetables and leave them a little hard by cooking only 3-4 minutes with very little water.

There you have it, a diet for your acne and treatment. It takes a lot of will power and desire to change your diet for eliminating acne. It can be done, but do it slowly. Start changing your diet and see the wonderful change in your face’s appearance.

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