Acne Natural Treatments

By: Jerry Fisher

I have had several bad experiences with the chemicals I have used to rid myself of acne. All chemicals have undesired side affects so I started checking for a acne natural treatment.
Zyporex was the first I tried. It didn't go well at all this stuff smells really bad. It also turned my face red and then my acne actually got worse. I wouldn't recommend this stuff to anyone.
Then I tried Oxycerin, a friend told me to try this one. In the beginning it did well but after a period of time I reached a plateau it there was no more improvement. Then my acne started getting getting worse.
The next chemical I tried was Acneticin pills. This stuff had a very nasty affect on me I started getting gas real bad. Then came the headaches they were very severe. It was tearing up my digestive system I had to stop using it.
After these nasty experiences I figured I would just have to learn to live with acne. Then I started thinking what did our grandparents do before all these miracle cures. So started checking into acne natural treatments and I found a lot of information.
* Things like oatmeal get good results on oily skin. Plus exercise, rest, and a good diet are half the war.
* For pimples and scars cucumber juice combined with carrot juice does well. Vitamin A can really decrease pimples. To decrease the chances of a pimple from forming and for good healthy skin vitamin B6 does well.
* Apple and honey is a very affective natural mask for those of us with oily skin. Grate the apple to a pulp and combine with four tablespoons of honey, leave on face for ten minutes and rinse with warm water.

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* Some of these worked and some didn't for me for a review of my number one choice for home remedies check out my candid review. * For the best acne natural treatment check out this review.

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