Acne Moisturizer a Must

By: Amy Ried

Moisturizer is probably the most underappreciated component to your everyday acne regimen. We all know that cleanser is important, as it removes dirt and oil from our skin, and the topical medication is obviously essential. However, most of us figure that we don't need moisturizer.
It's difficult to comprehend why moisturizer is necessitated when the skin is already oily. Adding any further moisture seems counterproductive. So, most of us give not even a second thought to eradicating it from our routine. Unfortunately, this may be preventing you from achieving a clear complexion. You'd be surprised to see what sort of effect the most minute details can have.
People have been buying the myth that oily skin causes acne for years. This is a downright lie, as many people with an oily complexion have never seen a breakout in their entire lives. So what goes to explain this phenomenon? Well, oily skin is the body's response to a lack of moisture. The oil, or sebum as it is known, is designed to seal in moisture. When there is a lack of this moisture, the body produces additional quantities of sebum. It is not so much the sebum that is the main culprit to acne, but rather the irritated nature of the skin because it lacks hydration. Skin irritation is a major contributor to breakouts.
When people downright refuse to use moisturizer, they take away much needed hydration. The situation is made much worse given the fact that they also use cleansers and acne topicals which add to the irritation. The culmination of these factors leads to severely dried skin.
The bottom-line is that any acne treatment, whether it be commercially available or only be prescription is not complete without a moisturizer. Modifying your routine to include a such a product can have immensely positive effects. Using a non-comedogneic moisturizer either before or after applying your topicals will eventually lead to a drastic reduction in breakouts.

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