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By: Amanda Isbitt

Unfortunately, acne affects millions of individuals at any given time. Some people are more prone to suffering from acne than others, being that genetics does play a role in how severe someone can suffer from the condition.

It's a given that looks do matter in our society. Even more so, teenagers seem to fall under the acne spell at a time in their lives when looks are judged the most by their peers. Acne is much more common in teens than in any other age group. Acne will generally show up between the ages of 12 and 14 years of age and not go away on its own accord for several more years following.

Acne could be viewed as an allergic reaction taking place because of a hormonal imbalance. Adolescents begin producing more oily sweat that mixes with dead skin tissues. This mixture then clogs the skins pores, causing the pores to become infected and erupt. These are pimples. The pimples are the reaction to the hormonal imbalance that the teenager is suffering through.

Early treatment for acne is always recommended, but caution should be taken when treating acne. Over the counter medications from the pharmacy to treat acne is usually the first line of defense. Some of the acne treatments even will prove to be effective at controlling the acne outbreaks when they occur. Usually, over the counter medications are not enough in themselves to fight the acne battle alone.

It's always important to use the right acne medication for the condition. Many acne sufferers will make the mistake of purchasing acne treatments for heavy, deep scarring acne when in fact, many teens don't warrant this type of treatment. Heavy acne treatments actually have medications that can irritate normal acne outbreaks and give skin rashes that then need to be treated. It's always prudent to read the directions and follow any acne treatment to the letter.

Today, more than at any other time in history, there are real cutting edge solutions to acne where there was little hope before. There is also a lot more knowledge about treating acne that was never available before. Surprisingly, some simple common sense approaches to controlling acne has been found to work.

Gently washing the acne-affected area with a non-deodorant soap three times a day has shown to keep acne outbreaks to a minimum.

The main thing that will cause the acne to become more infected and spread is the pick and squeeze the infected pimples. Squeezing the zits seems like a natural thing to do because the pimples erupt and you release the infection but not really.

When you squeeze the infected pimples, you are also causing the infection to get pushed deeper down into the skin pores and affecting the surrounding tissue to become infected.

As itchy as pimples can become, the safe bet is to let pimples pop on their own accord, then clean the area. Keeping the infected area clean is always the best line of defense to controlling acne.

It's the deep severe acne that some teenagers experience that seems to be the hardest to control or cure. Not only does severe acne hurt, often times finding the cause seems almost futile. Today, there are real answers that are available to cure acne and stop it in its tracks.

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