Acne Herbal Remedies

By: Richard May

Adults can suffer from acne as much as teenagers. But what causes it? Normally its is caused by the oil glands starting to expand which leads to a build up of sebum on the surface of the skin. The hair follicles can become blocked by this excess sebum, as can the pores in the skin as well. The growth of bacteria can then occur which can spread around different areas of the skin resulting in an acne breakout. This breakout can often affect people in various different ways which also doesn't help in learning what the exact causes of acne are.
Acne can be caused by a number of things, but no one knows for certain what causes the skin condition. Hormonal imbalances are one such suggestion, as are factors such as diet, vitamin deficiency and stress levels.
Statistics have shown that there is a link between the level of vitamin A in the body and the reduction of the amount of sebum and keratin being produced. Therefore you need to keep your bodys intake of vitamin A high as well as a well balanced diet. This can be done by consuming the recommended daily amount of fruit and vegetables which is five portions a day.
As outlined previously, vitamin A is linked with acne problems and overcoming them. But zinc is also important because it helps to make vitamin A effective. This can help heal skin that has been damaged by acne.
It should also be remembered that there are many creams that can be helpful in reducing inflamation of acne. If you are going to look for effective creams then try to look for ones containing sulphur. A local pharmacist or your Doctor should be able to help with picking the correct cream for your acne. There are some things that you should also try to avoid, products containing bromide and iodide as they can worsen your condition.
Make sure that you douuble check with your Doctor prior tp trying new treatments and creams, some may not be 100% suited to your particular type of acne and could therefore have unforeseen side effects.
Also you should try to reduce your intake of refined sugars in your foods. Having the right diet can make a big difference to the severity of your acne. You should also avoid any foods containing fried oils or hydrogenerated vegetable oils. Despite acne not definitely being caused by these oils, it certainly will not do your overall health any damage to avoid them.
There are a number of natural acne treatments which can be good for you, they come with the added bonus that the risk of side effects is very small in comparision to more orthodox medical products. They may not be as effective quite as quick as regular products but could have a positive effect over a period of time. Is has been shown that tea tree oils reduce acne because they have properties that are antibacterial and antifungal and therefore will help as a natural acne treatment.

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But the biggest problem with acne is that without knowing the exact causes, it can be hard to find the right remedy. However there are a variety of herbal remedies for acne which have been known to work extremely well.

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