Acne Free in Three Days - Truth or Fiction?

By: Ronald Smithson

There is a book out in the market today that purports to assist you achieve an acne-free face in just three days, and the book is the Acne Free in Three Days that was written by Chris Gibson. Now, whether this really is beneficial or not is still up to the individual who tried the cure proposed by Gibson, and there are those who claimed that the method worked for them. On the other hand, there were some people that said it was nothing but a scam.
How Does It Work?
The Acne Free in Three Days by Chris Gibson says that you have to cleanse your body in order to rid it of the bacteria that create the acne. As we all know, these bacteria cause irritation of the skin by clogging up the pores, and because they are trapped in the pores, the bacteria reproduce thus, causing increased acne eruptions.
Now, the writer purports that if your diet is made up of apples for three straight days, then detoxification of your body will take place since apples are recognized as a good detoxifier. The book will also advice you to do an enema to clean your bowels.
It Works
The people that say that the method worked for them have noticed a significant improvement in their acne dilemma. In three days, they have noticed some clearing of their acnes. The fact that this treatment is an all-natural method of ridding yourself of your acne problem is also a big plus since there are some individuals who are a tad allergic to the over the counter acne drugs and medications sold nowadays. Furthermore, we all know that consuming apples is healthier for your skin than applying chemicals.
It Does Not Work
Then again, there are people, too, that tried the acne free in 3 days and stated that the method did not work for them. They might have seen some slight clearing of the skin, but the scars were not totally gone, and following the three-day phase of detoxifying the body, the acne started erupting again.
Since you are going to shed some weight on this method, this method is not suitable for those who are bodybuilders. They need the muscle mass, and with the method, they are surely going to lose weight.
Furthermore, your body is going to lose several minerals and vitamins during the process because your diet is limited to apples only.

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