Acne Cysts - Acne Vulgaris Treatment Options

By: Clarita Milles

Because of its severity, cystic acne is the worst form of acne. In comparison to pimples, whiteheads and others, cystic acne is by far more harmful. One of the main characteristics of this type of acne is a deep infection in the tissue that can form nodules. It is also known as acne vulgaris. The factor that contributes to the formation of acne cysts and acne nodules is clogged pores that don't allow the normal flow of the sebum to the skin surface. Our body fights the infection producing inflammation of the area where the pores have been blocked. An acne cyst is the consequence of an extreme reaction of the body towards a severe infection.
As these powerful attacks occur, the body produces a substance called sebum. Excess amounts of this turn into a rich feeding ground for bacteria that lives inside the skin follicles or on the surface of the skin. The area gets so aggravated by the chemicals issued by the breakdown of sebum that the pimple may grow to be as large as five millimeters in diameter due to inflammation and a surplus of bacteria and oil.
Understanding Acne Cysts
Retention keratosis is a condition that can worsen facial cysts. Retention is caused when dead skin cells are not properly released into the skin surface. Improper disposal of cells leads to the clogging of these follicles. The infection can then spill onto other follicles which increase the inflammation and causes acne cysts to spread.
Hormones can also be a factor in nodulocystic acne. Certain hormones such as testosterone and androgen can cause the production of sebum to increase. Cysts are formed as a consequence of sebum ducts being clogged since they impair the normal sebum outflow. The lifestyle and the genetic background of a person also influence the severity of acne. Even stress can enhance acne problems.
Even though this type of acne is severe, there are ways of treating acne cysts. Many dermatologists prescribe a drug called Accutane, and is one taken in the form of a tablet. Its function is to shrink the oil glands which will lower the acne infections. Acne may be cleared with this product however some people who have taken Accutane experienced depression as a side effect. This medication should be taken only if all other methods have been exhausted.
There are treatments such as cortisone injections that are normally administered by a dermatologist to cure cystic acne. This method gives excellent results since it reduces the inflammation and redness of the skin without any pain for the patient. The outcome is a flatter pimple that can be easily covered up. It is possible that after undergoing this procedure the skin may show temporary discoloration and bleeding over the area treated.
It may be difficult to cure cystic acne however it is not a lost cause. Cystic acne can be quite sensitive so it is wise to choose an acne skin care method that will not irritate or harm the skin. Cystic acne can also be treated with natural products designed to improve the skin in many ways.

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Acne vulgaris treatments must consist of the right products for your skin type without harming or making the condition worse. Natural acne treatments such as BIOSKINFORTE are comprised of ingredients that can cure cystic acne. BIOSKINFORTE not only treats cystic acne, it is also a beneficial acne scar treatment.

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