Acne Control: The Three Targets

By: Valerie Garner Garner

Even if you aren't 100% what 'acne control' refers to, your instincts are probably leading you the right way. Acne control, although similar to acne cleansing, is better defined as a way to keep your acne from progressing to severe acne or preventing acne relapses after one's problem has already been 'remedied.' Therefore, you're keeping your acne under control.
You can find many acne control methods to choose from. Regardless of which methods you choose to employ on your skin, the intrinsic goals to acne control are:
* Prevention of hyperactive sebaceous glands
* Improvement of skin health
* Control of the acne causing bacteria P. acnes
Slowing Sebum Production: Hormone Balance
By decreasing the activity of the sebaceous glands, your skin will be less oily, have smaller pores and reduce the possibility that other debris and bacteria will mix with sebum, facilitating the growth of the bacteria P. acnes that causes acne.
Additionally, the actual force at which sebum is secreted can injure the sensitive cells lining the follicle. This causes the inflammation and redness that you see as acne lesions.
That being said, accomplishing this task is not easy and is usually only attempted in severe cases. Most acne products will at least help you remove excess sebum that has already made its way to the skin surface.
Hormones dictate sebum production. Teenagers tend to suffer from acne problems due to increased hormone activity, with testosterone directly affecting and increasing sebum production. There are several hormonal acne treatments available. Birth control is often used as an acne treatment for teenage girls.
Improving Skin Health: Nutrition and Health
Skin health is directly affected by overall health. By eating a balanced diet and exercising, your body will receive the stimulation and nutrients it needs for the skin to properly heal, repair and grow.
Vitamin A plays an important role in skin health and can be easily found in both natural and synthetic forms. Vitamin A actually helps reduce the amount of sebum produced while also bettering skin elasticity and preventing the formation of wrinkles.
Being physically active is a natural state of the human body. Physical activity stimulates the body so that it releases various hormones, creates new proteins and overall functions in a smoother fashion. It helps the body regulate itself while improving the immune system.
Reducing Acne-Causing Bacteria: Acne Products
Making sure you engage in a proper cleansing routine is crucial. Look for antibacterial or antimicrobial ingredients. It may take awhile to figure out the best acne complex for you but make sure that the product is oil free and non-comedogenic (meaning it won't clog pores). With ingredients you aren't sure of, test out the product on your hand first to confirm you have no negative reaction to it. You can't get much worse than an ugly and uncomfortable reaction on your face!
Get your acne under control with a complex and routine that accomplishes all three acne control goals: reduces sebum production, improves skin health and reduces acne bacteria

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