Acne Can Seriously Affect Your Psychological Health

By: Garyl Hany

There is no doubt that acne can have psychological effects on people. However, the psychological effects of acne are not always associated to the severity of the acne. To some people, the least severe acne lesions like whiteheads and blackheads are disturbing.
If you are in your teenage years, you are more susceptible to the psychological and social impact of acne. During these years, it is no surprise if you are too concerned about developing your personality and social skills. Ironically, as a teen, you have come across with the idea that to be accepted by your peers you should have good looks and clear complexion.
To most teens, any signs of acne can make a person look less appealing. With this kind of thinking, more teenagers develop other problems associated to this skin condition.
One of the psychological impacts of acne to teenagers is low self-esteem. With low self-esteem and insecurity, these teens will usually fail to make eye contact during conversation. They also hide their acne with their hair and heavy makeup.
There are also times that participation in social activities like sports is hindered due to acne. For such a young age, these teens already gave up on their dreams and their hobbies due to acne that can show up on their chest and back. Hence, even though they should be building their social skills, they are withdrawing from it instead.
In some school, teenagers are sometimes cruel to other teenagers with acne breakout. If you are in this situation, your psychological health might be affected. As a result, your self-confidence will be lowered and you will feel discourage to meet other people and make bonds. If you give in to this, you might develop social phobia, which can affect your school performance.
Depression is also a psychological effect of acne. If you have mood swings, behavioral problems and restlessness, you might be suffering from depression. Depression should be treated immediately because it might lead to suicide.
Overall, if you feel that your acne is already interfering with your life significantly, it is wise that you treat it as soon as possible. In addition, consult with a dermatologist before handling your acne.

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