Acne Breakouts and your Liver

By: Josh Matnik

The liver has the responsibility of purifying your blood as it leaves the colon, lungs, and the lymph nodes. Once the blood is purified, the blood then moves throughout the body to provide nutrients and oxygen to your cells. The liver can both help and hinder your battle with acne. Maintaining proper liver health will undoubtedly minimize your risks of getting further acne breakouts.
Due to the impurities we take in from drinking, breathing, and eating the liver may be strained at times as it is purifying our blood. Constipation is of course a stress and burden of our liver as it can and does lead to the toxins being excreted through our sweat glands and causing acne breakouts
The waste from cells, and hormones pass by the lymphatic system through our liver. As they get to our liver , the process of purification starts. If a high amount of toxins are present, the toxins are then stored all over your body.
If your liver doesn't break down the androgens they will return to the blood stream and then reside in skin cells. They will congregate in your skin cells and will begin to overproduce sebum, then travel to the hair follicles. This is by far one of the main causes of acne.
You must maintain a high fiber diet, this in turn will help to insure you continue to have a clean colon and decrease the chances of having constipation. Not only will having a high fiber diet absorb the extra hormones, but in turn will keep them from re-entering your bloodstream and lowering your risk for having anymore breakouts.
Consumed junk and processed foods may be harmful to your health and can cause a catalyst for another acne breakout. It is because they contain a very large volume of toxins and that will make the liver overwork itself. Once eliminated from your diet, the toxins will begin to be flushed from your body and you will have improved liver function to help battle acne and your breakouts.

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