Acne Breakouts - What Causes Them

By: Diane Stroup

Acne is a serious problem for millions of people and acne breakouts seem to occur at all the wrong times. These breakouts can be caused by many different things. In this article I will give you some of the causes of acne breakouts so you can take steps to avoid them in the future.

Toxins in the body that are built up over your lifetime are what essentially causes acne. These toxins are caused by things like your diet, stress, your environment, hormones and makeup among other things. What happens then is that the hair follicles get obstructed and eventually rupture. This causes oil to seep into the skin which causes swelling and inflammation.

So, what are some of the causes of acne breakouts? Well the first culprit is hormones. That is why so many kids going through puberty seem to struggle with acne because they have high hormone levels during this period of their life. There is also a connection between pregnancy and acne due to hormones.

The next cause is your diet. A poor diet seems to affect many things in our life negatively and acne is one such thing. If you eat lots of sugar or excess carbohydrates, you are opening yourself up for acne. This is why junk food addicts and people who eat too much chocolate have many acne breakouts. These unhealthy foods have little nutritional value and contribute to toxins being built up in your body due to digestive problems. By changing your diet and eating healthy you will build up your immune system to infections, viruses and of course, acne.

Diet plays a huge role in acne breakouts because a poor diet throws off your bodies pH balance that is so important to your body. You want to have a pH of about 7 which is right between extreme acidic(14) and extreme alkaline(0). A good pH level will keep your body neutral. Most of today's foods are highly acidic because they are heavily processed and a lot of times fried. A good way to keep your pH level neutral is by drinking lots and lots of water. Water has a pH level of exactly 7 and the more you drink, the better your pH balance will be.

Another cause of acne breakouts is stress. Stress causes the oil glands in your skin to enlarge thus releasing excess oil which results in pimples and blackheads. Even though these tips will help, some people are just predisposed to acne troubles and will have to find a suitable product that can help control their acne.

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