Acne Birth Control Treatment

By: Jim Bolding

Many cases of acne in women are caused by hormonal fluctuation. If a woman goes on birth control, acne often clears up since the hormonal surges are being flattened slightly. The connection between birth control and acne relief has led to variations of the pill being approved for prescription specifically for acne.
For young women with acne, birth control is a logical choice of treatment. Even for older women or women for whom birth control is no longer a concern, this method of relieving acne can be the simplest course for controlling acne and promoting clean, clear skin. Bumps on the face can be as worrisome as a bump in the tummy!
Once you opt for the method of birth control, acne may rapidly become a thing of the past. After you find the right dosage and brand of birth control that relieves your symptoms you just remember to take your pill each day! BCPs are the only form approved for acne prescription; shots or the patch have not yet been approved.
When people figured out that birth control and acne relief were connected, research began to find alternate forms of treatment for women who can't or won't take the pill. Religious beliefs sometimes interfere with concepts like birth control, but herbal remedies are usually acceptable. Chaste Tree Berry is a hormonal regulator that can help relieve acne although it doesn't function as a contraceptive.
The estrogen and progestin present in BCPs can combat excess androgens (testosterone levels). Testosterone triggers the body's normal reaction to produce extra sebum, often causing acne. Birth control can provide balance between the hormone levels, making acne disappear.
If your outbreaks are hormone related and you start taking birth control, acne should disappear in less than three months. If it doesn't, chances are that your acne is being caused by something else. At that point you can expand your search to consider other possible causes for your acne.
The possibility that birth control and acne relief are compatible is usually shown by a few tell tale signs. If hormones are fluctuating wildly enough to produce acne the outbreaks will usually coincide with PMS, preceding the beginning of the menstrual cycle. Hormone surges due to ovulation may also bring on an acne outbreak.
The best acne treatment is one that targets the root cause of the condition and seeks to rectify it. Because imbalanced hormones are a common cause of acne, birth control often solves the problem. Acne shouldn't have to be something you just live with, so be sure to check out your options!
Birth control and acne prevention may not work the same for everyone; the best acne treatment will involve finding the lowest possible dose that is effective. Even after you start taking birth control, acne may persist for a cycle or two, so give it a chance to work. Of course, if you are even more worried about a belly bump than ones on your face, BCPs may be part of your plan anyway!

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