Acne Bacteria: The Myth And The Facts

By: Mike Walden..

Acne is caused primarily by internal problems and Propionibacterium or Acne bacteria play a relatively minor part in their formation. So destroying these bacteria may, at best, lessen the swelling of an existent pimple but it won't cure you of your condition.

The Acne Problem Lies Way Below The Skin

In common medical parlance, acne is referred to as an inflamed skin condition. The principal cause of this inflammation is thought to occur due to an excessive production of skin oil or sebum and keratin by over stimulated glands. This, of course, is the surface factor.

The excessive oil blocks the pores of the hair follicle and this leads to the growth of bacteria. As the growth of bacteria increases, small pimples appear, both on the surface of the skin and directly underneath. The ones above the surface are called blackheads and the ones below the surface are called whiteheads.

However, acne formation is due to a combination of various factors like overactive sebum glands, skin type, blocked pores and acne bacteria together with malfunctions inside our body which makes the skin susceptible to acne breakouts. That is why medical practitioners refer to it as a disease of the skin.

Is Acne a skin disease?

Whatever else acne might be, it is certainly not a disease, just as many of the medical conditions found in the western world are not really diseases. Acne RESULTS from a disease and the acne condition is the body's way of telling you that all is not well. Don't ignore this message as the balance of your body is at stake.

I wish to warn you that you should not take the words of conventional practitioners of medicine as the whole truth and start treating your acne as a skin ailment and nothing else. The problem can only be found in the deeper recesses of the body.

What you must realize is that your acne is not a disease which has afflicted your skin. The real cause of it is turmoil in your inner balance. The protuberances on your skin are the outer sign of a much deeper malady which you MUST set right if you are to get rid of your acne and generally improve your health.

You will obviously wonder why doctors insist on labeling acne as a malfunction of the skin. The reason is that they can make more money by making you buy the worthless antibiotics and lotions.

The usefulness of the acne bacteria

What will come as a surprise to you is that propionibacterium acnes, more commonly known as acne bacteria, which conventional medicine seeks to destroy is important to our well being. Everyone has them on their skin and they are a life form which struggle for their existence and play a great part in keeping us in good health.

Strange as it may sound, acne bacteria, if it is in consonance with the balance of your body, helps human beings fight off other bacteria which are much more harmful. It exists in each and every individual, whether they are suffering from acne or not, and is the most important ingredient that keeps your skin flexible.

Acne bacteria survive by feeding off the secretions contained in our sweat and sebaceous glands. This is normal in all human beings, irrespective of whether they have an acne condition or not.

Acne bacteria do NOT cause acne and is not contagious. Obviously, as otherwise every single individual would have contracted acne since the bacteria is in all of us. Then why is it that only some unfortunate souls land up being afflicted?

The case is the same with streptococcus bacteria which everyone has. Then why is it that everyone doesn't get tonsillitis or a strep throat? The reason is that, like acne bacteria, it will not strike unless the conditions in the body are right and a specific environment is fashioned.

Acne is an environment ( the acne triangle: oil-toxins-bacteria)

The environment that creates acne is one where there is an overproduction of sebum oil, mainly due to an imbalance in hormones, and this excess mixes with congested toxins which come out through the skin. This mixture is dangerous as it causes bacteria to develop and grow disturbingly fast. The condition which is thus created is the standard one for an acne sufferer: pimples and nodules which are inflamed and pus-filled.

Please understand that it is not possible to root out acne by destroying the bacteria as that would only be a short term solution. Unless you root out the cause of the bacterial growth, it will continue to trouble you every time sebum oil is produced in excessive quantities and the excess mixes with blood toxins.

So antibiotics which kill acne bacteria, such as benzoyl peroxide, tetracycline or monocycline are not permanent cures because they do not tackle the root cause of the acne.

What then really causes acne?

We know what conditions cause the acne bacteria to flourish superficially on the skin. Now we need to find out what causes hormonal imbalance or the build up of toxins in our body. Only then can we get rid of the acne permanently.

This nexus is created on the surface of the skin because of a process that is affected by changes within the body. These changes are nutritional, hormonal, environmental and even psychological.

Therefore, to ensure a permanently clear skin, you will have to counteract the changes in ALL the factors mentioned above so that bacteria does not multiply but is kept at an optimal level on your skin.

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Mike Walden is a certified nutritionist and author of the #1 best-selling e-book, Acne No More . For Further Information: Acne Bacteria

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