Acne And Candida - Candida Is Not Causing Your Acne

By: Felix G. Schmieder

Looking across the internet today, you'll find that many people advocate that acne and candida have a very strong link and to get rid of your breakouts, you have to get rid of candida in your body.† While there is a lot of evidence backing up this link between acne and candida, I don't think these people have quite got the right answer.
I simply say that because plenty of people who try to eliminate this link between acne and candida ultimately fail lat clearing their acne.† The problem is that there is no one single thing that is causing your acne and you have to get out of the "one-shot" mentality if you ever want to get clear.
Sure, it's been shown that an excess amount of candida in your system in bad for you and that to much candida can contribute to acne breakouts, but it is not the defining answer when it comes to getting clear.† That's because candida is not this big, bad monster that most people make it out to be.
In fact, candida has probably saved your life plenty of times over by now.† Candida is just a natural response of the body when there is to much sugar in your blood.† It's a back up system that goes into full blast when you have to much sugar in your system.† The problem itself is not exactly candida; it's more the lifestyles we choose to live.
While there is a link between acne and candida, it's very conditional.† People who try to rid themselves of candida completely are going to fail miserably as it exists naturally in us and is, in and of itself, good for you and your body.
Instead of focusing on the link between acne and candida, you instead should worry about how you are living your life.† We bring acne on ourselves, albeit unknowingly, through the foods we eat and the generally bad lifestyles we live these days.† There is one single thing you can do to cure yourself of acne.† You instead must adopt a more healthy lifestyle and begin treating your real acne problems.

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By focusing on acne and candida, you're missing the entire acne picture. Stop believing there is a magical cure that will work for you and instead start treating your body right in order to get clear skin. Candida doesn't cause acne anymore than bacteria or excess sebum does. Treat your body right and you'll treat your acne.

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