Acne And Candida - 3 Mistakes People Make When Treating Acne

By: Felix G. Schmieder

One of the biggest mistakes that people make these days is trying to eliminate any candida in their body, thinking the link between acne and candida is what's causing their breakouts.  This is a huge, huge mistake because they're assuming that by doing this, they can finally be clear.
While recognizing that there is some link between acne and candida is good, people seem to miss the point.  When addressing candida in your system, you should be focused on:
1.)  Eliminating excess and bad sugar from your diet.  Candida is just the body's emergency response system when we have to much sugar in our bloodstreams.  This prevents us from bad things like blindness or even death!
2.)  Eliminating excess fat from your system.  Acne and candida are connected because when candida stays in our bloodstreams, it begins to release toxins that can exacerbate or cause breakouts.  But candida only stays around because we have to much sugar in our bloodstream.  This is because excess fats inhibit our insulin receptors and over time, they've become bogged down.  By eliminating excess fats from our diets, our bodies can quickly remove all excess sugar from our bloodstream.  When this happens, candida cannot survive long enough to release its toxins.
3.)  Eliminate your "candida is bad" mentality.  Candida is a natural part of our body that has probably saved your life multiple times.  You don't want to try to eliminate candida, you want to eliminate the conditions in your body that cause it to live longer than it should.  Normally, candida can live for a few hours at best in the bloodstream.  But because it's in an envioronment that is full of food for it, it hangs around like the smelly friend who just doesn't get the hint.
Avoid making these mistakes about acne and candida.  Treat your acne right by pursuing a more holistic approach to treating yourself properly.  That is the only way you can get clear.

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Sure, there is a link between acne and candida, but it's not what you think. Stop focusing on just another symptom of your acne breakouts and start treating the real problems inside of you. Avoid the and begin taking your body's health more seriously in order to get clear.

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