Acne ? The Solution is Related to The Cause

By: Nathan James

All acne is not caused by the same thing. There are many different reasons why people have problems with acne. Some people say it is caused by the foods you eat. Actually, there has never been any proof that eating certain foods causes acne or makes it worse.
One proven cause for acne is the changes in the body that teenagers go through. As their hormones change it can cause blemishes and breakouts. However, all teens go through these changes but not all have severe cases of acne. The reason for that is not fully understood.
Acne is actually caused in part by natural processes that the skin goes through to take care of itself. Our skin automatically moisturizes itself by sending sebum through the sebaceous glands to the skins surface. Though this is a natural process if the pores in the skin are clogged by dirt, dead skin or possibly to much sebum then bumps will form and you will have a problem with acne. That is why if you have acne problems it is important to keep your skin very clean and exfoliated.
Keeping Skin Clean May Not Be Enough
Clean skin is very important. But it is not the only factor. In addition to dirt and oils, dead skin is another cause. If you thoroughly wash your face, even two or three times a day, you may still have dead skin left on your face which can clog your pores and cause acne to form. Dead skin does not come off by gently washing with soap and water.
If your skin is inclined to regular break outs you do not want to make the problem worse by adding things that lead to clogged pores. Oil will definitely clog your pore so it is better not to use anything on your face that has oil in it.
You want to avoid scrubbing your face raw in an effort to remove dead skin. This is only going to make the problem worse, making sores on your face and spreading germs that live inside the pustules of the acne bumps. It is better to exfoliate the skin.
If you have severe acne you may not be able to completely get rid of it. But there are things that can be done to improve the condition of your skin. Get a good exfoliant to remove dead skin. Benzoyl peroxide applied to the skin two times daily has been proven to reduce acne. Finally, use moisturizers that contain no oil to keep from reclogging your pores after cleansing.

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