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By: Julia Suarez

Tanning lotions have been in demand and going by the reports it is mainly shown by people from the western countries who have perceptibly lighter skin color and there is a longing to get darker skin color.
The western world was unknowingly carrying-out direct sun-tanning processes to satisfy their desires to darken their skin. However, scientific studies have pointed out the dangers involved with suns UV rays and since then there has been a big difference in the direction people are thinking now.
Indoor tanning lotions
Enlightened about the risks that the UV rays of the sun hold Sun worshipers were forced to move inside. The desire for a darker tanned skin led to the discovery and development of indoor tanning lotions that could give the same effects as sun bathing did.
Only this way could you catch that color in the ease of your home or a tanning salon without having to worry about the harmful rays of the sun.
Advancement in medical sciences and its studies lead to the discovery of tanning [lotions|creams that were in demand with people who desired to get darker skin color. Reports on dangers related to suns rays were the foundation which led to the development and production of tanning lotions.
Cashing in on the trend
Being a new idea, companies jumped into production of this new wonder lotion. Each company came up with its own collection of lotions and made big promises. This Rat-race led to wholesale production of these tanning lotions which are being provided to retailers who are ready to sell them.
Most Popular brands
High on demand, most of the stores and outlets are getting these tanning lotions stacked which are generally an important commodity in skin care section. Drench by John Abate,Super by Australian Gold and Fiesta Sun by Swedish Beauty are some of the famous brands that are in the markets at present.
Its become quite a profitable business for the retailers as the demand for these tanning lotions is large. Additionally when buying them in wholesale quantity cost price goes down therefore retailers make quite a handsome amount of money.
many wholesalers are available on the internet who deal with purchase and selling of these tanning lotions of a variety of brands. This is one of the many ways to buy these tanning lotions in wholesale quantity.
What needs to be done before fixing or searching for a wholesaler is to carry out a market inquiry on the products that are being sold fast and also find out the popular brands and the items most popular and then book a wholesaler on internet to fit your needs.

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