Acid Reflux and Unknown Related Issues

By: Frank Robson

Extensive efforts in conducting medical research have allowed doctors to learn quite a lot of important information in regards to acid reflux disease. Unfortunately, a number of related medical issues are relatively unknown amongst both public and private communities. They too need to know about the symptoms and warning signs of these conditions.
To find out for yourself how to recognize these conditions and how they are treated, simply read on.
Damage Caused by Heartburn Why would heartburn occur in an undamaged esophagus? Why does one patient experience heartburn and another not when they both have acid reflux?
Most doctors are not yet able to answer these questions. There is constant research being conducted into these and related questions so that doctors can provide us with answers and solutions.
Treatments for Barrett's Esophagus Barrett's Esophagus only occurs in about 10% of GERD patients. It needs to be treated in all cases, though, because it can lead to the formation of cancer cells. Barrett's esophagus and esophageal cancer in general are believed to be caused by extreme amounts of heartburn. If you know you have GERD, you should get tested for Barrett's Esophagus on a regular basis.
Non-Acidic Reflux The medical community is aware of a distinct difference between acidic reflux and non-acidic reflux and there is evidence that both do indeed exist. What exactly makes up non-acidic reflux cannot be stated, however. Some doctors believe it to be bile. The dangers of bile being refluxed are not yet understood. This is one topic to watch for emerging information in the near future.
Medical professionals are able to determine what does not cause acid reflux, but what does cause it exactly still eludes them until now.
Acid reflux diagnosis and treatments will continue to improve as medical research continues onward. Communicating with your doctor on a regular basis is the best way to find out about new medical advances related to GERD.

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