Acid Reflux Review

By: Amanda Gamdana

The number of people that suffer with acid reflux disorder is on the increase. Many similar conditions exist but they all exhibit pretty much the same range of symptoms but all fall under the umbrella of gastrointestinal disorders.
The stomach uses hydrochloric acid to digest the food and when this tries to escape the stomach up the esophagus. Each of us uses hydrochloric acid in our gut to breakdown the food we eat and ideally that is where it should stay. With this condition, acid in the stomach tries to escape up the food pathways and this is the reason for the burning pain.
When food enters your stomach, a valve called the lower esophageal sphincter opens to allow food into the stomach which normally remains closed so that stomach food and acid do not flow back up into your esophagus area. It is when the esophageal sphincter does not close after food has passed through that the stomach fluids try to escape upwards and that is why it is called acid reflux.
You may also hear the name gastro esophageal reflux disorder, which is its full title or sometimes abbreviated to GERD. Although the real cause of acid reflux disorder has not yet been found, it is thought that eating the wrong foods could be to blame, unfortunately, overeating and junk food can also overload the digestive systems ability to digest food adequately.
Eating large amounts of food at any meal can put a lot of pressure on your abdominal walls. Something has to give; this being the acid which returns or refluxes back up the esophagus bringing with it the very unpleasant heartburn. By lessening the amount of work the stomach has to do at any one time should reduce the instances of heartburn.
If this is a problem you have to live with then you should eat smaller meals during the day which will help the situation. The stomach is the doorway to body health so it needs to be treated with respect. This is because the stomach is not only responsible for breaking down our food but also for preparing this food to be converted to specific nutrients that every person needs.
The use of readily available, anti-acid drugs is not the long term answer. These can create additional nutritional deficiencies and disease that a doctor may have a problem when diagnosing the cause. It may take a while but the best solution is to make adjustments to your drinking and eating habits which may have caused the acid reflux condition, the idea is not to overload your stomach, which will give it time to recover. It may take a while but if the number of times you experience heartburn reduces, you may be able to enjoy some of the foods you stopped eating; all the while remaining conscious of the need to take things slowly and not place stress on your stomach again.
Surely a few changes in the way you live your life are not too much to ask. If you need an incentive to stop the occasions where you suffer with heartburn then this should be it! All that is required is a little dedication on your part to be careful about what you eat and drink to possibly clear up your acid reflux problem. It really is a decision only you can make!

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