Acid Reflux Natural Treatment

By: Mark Johnson

If you have acid reflux you don't necessarily have to use drugs to treat it. There are many natural acid reflux treatments available that can give you relief without the risk of side effects that using drugs presents. Here's some to try.
Although natural treatments are usually safe you still need to use some common sense if you try them. Also, you should let your doctor know what you're doing, especially if you're taking medications for other problems. Some herbal treatment and supplements interfere with some prescription medicines.
One of the nutritional supplements you'll want to take it burdock. This herb is very healing to the body, and helps to clean out the liver and kidneys during the digestion process. Burdock can help to clear up your reflux symptoms if you take it once or twice a day with a meal. You may also want to try celery seed; this supplement is great for helping to clean out the intestines, which means your body will be able to rid itself of toxins much quicker. Eating ray celery as a snack will also aid in this process.
Many herbs that are used for flavoring also have medicinal effects. Saffron is one of these. You might not want to use it too often because saffron is one of the more expenses spices out there. However you can use it from time to time as part of your overall acid reflux natural treatment plan.
Another Herb to consider taking is Devils claw. Devils claw is usually made from the root of a South American plant. It is available in this country in capsule form. Taken for acid reflux, Texan supports the mind of the G.I. tract.
Of coarse there are many other natural treatments available. Some work better than others but all seem to have some benefit. To some extent it is a matter of trial and error to find the natural treatment program that's best for you.

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