Acid Reflux During Pregnancy

By: Lyn Silverstreet

Pregnancy causes significant and substantial changes in a womans body. Most of the changes are viewed as positive and exciting. Some of the changes may cause discomfort such as acid reflux and nausea.
What causes acid reflux during pregnancy is hormonal changes. Sometimes, the hormones cause additional acid to produce in the stomach, thus causing the acid reflux. Another common cause of acid reflux during pregnancy is an increased consumption of food.
Whether pregnant or not, acid reflux is uncomfortable. There are a variety of over the counter products to prevent and treat the symptoms, but its occurrence can, and is often, a recurring cycle. People must eat to avoid starvation or malnutrition, but when they eat they get heartburn; also known as acid reflux. It?s a delicate balance without the added burden of pregnancy.
As the pregnancy progresses, the nutritional needs for mom and baby will also change. Consuming more food or different combinations of food can trigger acid reflux. As the baby continues to grow, it puts increasing pressure on the stomach. This is often the cause of escalating acid reflux symptoms. Treating the reflux as it occurs and eating foods low in acid will help reduce the symptoms.
Unfortunately, pregnancy and acid reflux are very common. Scientific studies have shown that antacids (taken as prescribed) will not cause harm to the fetus in any way. Many are high in sodium, so take that into account before making your purchase.
Diet is the best way to minimize acid reflux symptoms. Avoid products that are high in acid. Most citrus and citrus juices are extremely high in acid and can trigger acid reflux. If you are pregnant, keep track of what you consume to learn what triggers acid reflux.
Eating smaller meals also allows the body to digest the food properly while still extracting the necessary nutritional value. Most pregnant women do consume more food during pregnancy than they normally would, but smart food choices will help mom and baby both.
If there is an elixir for pregnancy and acid reflux, it would be water. Water keeps the body hydrated, clean and can significantly reduce or eliminate acid reflux symptoms. If you do choose to eat acidic foods or drink acidic juices (orange juice, cranberry juice, etc.), cut the quantities in half and drink equal amounts of water.
Talk to your doctor about ways to prevent and treat it when it occurs. Eating foods low in acid will help, as will drinking water and making smart food choices.

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