Acid Reflux Disease Tips for Creating Your Own Home Remedies

By: John Smith....

Do you ever have a burning sensation in your chest at night? It is an uncontrollable feeling in your chest and a funny taste in the back of your mouth. Then you have Acid Reflux Disease. This is usually worse at night when you lie down and can keep you awake! Believe it or not there are many home remedies which can help you with the pain.
You don't need expensive medical treatment. There are many ways in which you can stop the heartburn and breathlessness. It may require some changes in your diet, but there are also some things which you probably already have at home.
Your stomach has a thick band of muscle around the lower part called the pyloric sphincter. This stops undigested food being released too early. Also, your stomach is filled with acid which helps you to digest your food. This is the perfect system for digestion.
So you feel a burning sensation in your chest and then you can taste your stomach juices in the back of your throat. Wow, it is making me feel ill just thinking about it!
In fizzy drinks, it is the carbonic acid and tea has tannic acid. You see, we have very acidic diets. So if we have regular heartburn, it is first important to look at what we are eating and cut out some of these acids.
Amazingly, drinking apple cider vinegar is thought to help. I know, adding an acid to an acid? But research suggests that by adding the acid in the vinegar actually helps your stomach contents to digest and helps to ease the symptoms. Many fruits are also beneficial. These include figs and apple and papaya.
There are many other items that can be incorporated into your normal menu routine that can provide long term relief on an ongoing basis. For most people, for instance, drinking apple cider vinegar to minimize the discomfort of acid reflux disease is not much different from taking a dose of medicine because it is considered to be unpleasant.
The ideal for someone suffering from acid reflux disease is to find more ordinary items that can be added into your regular diet in order to feel less like you are taking medication to control your problem. For instance, there are certain types of ordinary apples that provide long term relief simply from adding a couple of slices to your dessert menu.

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