Acid Reflux Cure - What You Can Do Now

By: Jeff Wilkins

There's a lot you can do that works as an acid reflux cure. The options range from natural home remedies to powerful new drugs. Here's a quick rundown about the rationale behind the different acid reflux treatments.
To begin, it helps to remember that acid reflux refers to acid from the stomach backing up into the esophagus. The stomach has a special line that protects it from this acid; the esophagus doesn't. Because of this, the acid damages the esophagus and causes the symptoms we associate with reflux.
Considering the causes, the logical approach to curing reflux involve avoiding triggering episodes, minimizing the reflux and neutralizing the acid if an episode does occur.
Episodes of reflux often triggered by eating. Sometimes it's the particular type of food, such as acidic foods. Other times it's the volume of food a person eats that creates the problem.
You can minimize the acid backup by eating small meals. This keeps the stomach pressure low and makes it less likely that the stomach content will reflux.
Another good strategy to minimize the reflux is to avoid lying down immediately after meals. When you're upright gravity helps prevent reflux. If you lie down with a full stomach, reflux happens easily.
This is a reason that many people have problems with reflux at night, especially if they eat shortly before going to bed. People suffering from reflux can minimize the problems at night by not eating for lease a few hours before retiring. They can also benefit from owning the head of the bed by putting a few inches of blocks under the legs or by using a specially designed acid reflux wedge pillow.
Aside from reducing the reflux itself, and other acid reflux cure is to neutralize the acid so it doesn't damage the esophagus if reflux does occur. The first medications to do this were antacids. These are either liquid or tablets that you swallow. And they act to chemically neutralize the stomach acid.
People have more serious problem can use some of the newer potent acid blocking drugs. These work by stopping the acid from being produced in the first place and they can be highly effective. However they don't work immediately. It takes a little time for the stomach acid to decrease after you take one of these medications.
This is just a brief summary of possible acid reflux cures. There's a lot more you can learn and I suggest that you do. Information applied is power, and more you know the better off you'll be.

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