Acid Reflux - Some Call It Heartburn

By: Nick Barlow

People who suffer from recurring heartburn may not realize that it is frequently referred to as "Acid Reflux." They might hear an ad or see a commercial for information about it and not understand how this might help them cure heartburn.
The term acid reflux is used more frequently by medical professionals when discussing this common problem. Many people suffer from acid reflux from time to time, but others suffer constantly from this condition. Those people who suffer from acid reflux more often should definitely bring this to the attention of their physician.
Some individuals will get agitated or very anxious when symptoms become very severe, as this can often be mistaken for a heart attack. You will feel severe pressure in the chest (in acute cases) which can be uncomfortably near the heart.
Some sufferers complain of unbearable pain that lasts until they seek treatment. Over-production of acid in the stomach is the culprit. When the stomach produces too much acid, it pumps the excess into the esophagus, or lower part of the throat. While the stomach is properly lined with a protective layer to withstand acid, the throat and esophagus are much more sensitive tissues and do not have proper protection from these acids.
Acid Reflux Can Be Treated
Some people suffer the effects of acid reflux only from time to time, and these people can easily find some medications at the local pharmacy to cut down the suffering from the problem. Those people who feel pain often from this problem could have a urgent problem that should be treated by expert medical professionals.
These people will probably be advised to undergo some medical testing to determine the exact nature of the problem. There are specialized tests that can clearly indicate the problem for many people.
Once a medical professional knows the state of the sensitive tissues of the esophagus and stomach, they can outline a treatment to reduce or eliminate the uncomfortable conditions caused by acid reflux.
A change in diet is often enough for some people to combat these symptoms. Eliminating spicy foods or creamy, rich foods can reduce or eliminate the symptoms.
Other people will continue to take medications to reverse the effects of the acid when it enters the esophagus. There are other lifestyle changes that can provide relief from acid reflux. People can change their beds to help relieve the condition. The head of the bed should be elevated so the acid cannot easily flow into the esophagus from the stomach.
If none of these home remedies eliminates the symptoms of acid reflux, a person should consult their physician and discuss the possibility of surgery.

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