Achieving Optimum Health Through Chiropractic

By: Kevin Kean, D.C.

Everyone has a different definition for what they think health is. Some people say that it is feeling good; others say that it is being not sick, and still others say that it is having everything work together in unison. There are a lot of ideas of what health is, but the actual literal definition of health (according to Dorlands Medical Dictionary) is a state of optimum physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. What does that even mean? Well, the basic concept is that even when we feel good, it doesnt necessarily mean that we are healthy. Conversely, when we feel bad or sick, it doesnt necessarily mean that we are unhealthy either. Take the flu for example. When we have the flu, the symptoms are fever, or our body heating up to kill off a foreign substance; vomiting, or our body trying to remove something foreign inside of it; we feel weak and achy all over, because our body is working over time in order to put its defense mechanisms into overdrive. So, are we really unhealthy in this state? Our bodies are actually creating a healthy response to something in order to get rid of it.
There are actually four aspects to achieving optimum health. If we can incorporate all four of these into our life style, we will be much less susceptible to illness or injury in the future. These four topics are: a properly functioning nervous system, exercise, proper diet, and increased sleep and decreased stress.
The first and most important is the fact that our nervous system must function properly in order for any other aspect of our body to function properly. Everything that happens in our body starts as a nerve signal in the brain and travels down the spinal cord, out of the nerves to every cell, tissue, and organ. These cells, tissues, and organs send messages back as well creating a two-way communication between the brain and the body. If this communication is distorted, irritated, or cut off, the body functions at a lower level.
This irritation is caused by the things that we do throughout our lives, whether it be the way we sit, the way we sleep, the things we eat, the things that we are exposed to, or accidents or falls that we may have experienced at any time in our lives that have accumulated. These events cause the vertebra of our spines to move out of place and eventually put pressure on the nervous system. This pressure is what causes the irritation.
The most affective way to remove this irritation is to adjust the bones of the spine back into their normal position and remove the pressure in order to allow the bodys inborn ability to heal itself to work as it was designed.
Chiropractors are highly trained spine specialists taught to be able to find the areas of the spine that are irritated causing this disruption to the bodys natural communication. We perform spinal adjustments which use a specific alignment in a specific direction for the specific purpose of improving the bodys nervous system function.

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Dr. Kevin Kean is a Houston Chiropractor, practicing in the Galleria area. More information can be found on his website by visiting

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