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By: Rai Micht

Smiling is a natural thing for us, it is just an everyday occurrence. But what if you have dull-looking, stained teeth? Smiling can be hard to do. The truth is that a smile can have a huge impact on your career, your social life and even your personal life. Proper dental hygiene may not be enough to keep the sparkle of your teeth and make your appear older than you actually are!
Various factors can accumulate in the darkening of the teeth. Even with proper oral hygiene, teeth can become stained and darker. Some of the most common causes for the darkening of the teeth are:
*Consuming foods and drinks can stain your teeth, especially beverages such as tea, coffee or fruit juices. These can leave stains which are hard to remove by brushing alone.
*tobacco use or smoking - a very common cause for darkening of the teeth. the main cause of teeth stains from these are the nicotine that leads to brown stains familiar with smokers.
*Taking certain medications - Iron supplements can stain the teeth black, while chlorohexidine, sometimes found in mouthwashes, can cause brown or black stains on the teeth.
*As previously mentioned, food consumption, as well poor oral hygiene can lead to darker teeth. These stains develop slowly and become more visible as we grow older, thus aging is a natural cause for lost of white teeth.
Years ago, teeth whitening is not available for everyone. They can either be too painful or expensive to others. Luckily, dental advancements have given way to safer and convenient teeth whitening treatments and products which can guarantee brite smiles without spending too much.
At home teeth whitening kits and systems have become popular due to the fact that they are easy to use and are cost effective. Off-the-shelf whitening packs are easily available and are proven effective in whitening the teeth. Stains in the enamel can be removed by a bleaching or whitening treatment, such as teeth whitening toothpastes and gels. These can be used daily, without the supervision of a dentist, but they do, however, need some do-it-yourself skills.
Presently, there are many options for teeth whitening, namely lazer teeth whitening, one hour teeth whitening procedures and even at-home teeth whitening kits are available. Choosing the right teeth whitening options depends on you and your dentist. Consulting your dentist regarding the health of your teeth and what may be the best teeth whitening option can yield to better and longer lasting results. Nevertheless, always remember to complement your teeth whitening with effective dental health care to get longer lasting and better results.

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