Accounting Outsourcing - Cost-Effective Means Of Handling Accounting Tasks

By: Alvis Brazma

Outsourcing primarily means the handing over of some part of a business to a third party. In this arrangement, it is the third party which handles the day-to-day working of the process in question. The recent trends in business have positively favored the business of outsourcing. Companies have outsourced their major processes to BPO’s or Business Processing Outsourcing, to decrease their area of immediate concern, so that they can divert all their attention to core issues. Accounting outsourcing is one such form of outsourcing.

Accounting is an important and strategic move because accounting is the backbone of any business. Therefore, there are many things that are to be kept in mind while accounting outsourcing. The most important thing here is to find out why is it necessary to outsource the accounting of a company. It costs are to be cut or productivity increased, then it has to be evaluated of such a step is necessary. The entire board of directors in the case of a big company and all the partners in the case of a small concerned should be convinced this step is necessary. The next thing is to fully discover the actual credential of the supplier in question. It has to be confirmed that the supplier is in a condition to deliver the kind of service that it has offered. The contract that is to be drawn in the case of accounting outsourcing has to be thoroughly evaluated. It will be detrimental if the contract is poorly made. The contract must include the Service Level Agreement because it ensures that the company enjoys an optimum level of quality of work from the supplier. The last thing that has to be kept in mind is that the company has to send the best of it employees to the supplier when setting up the business.

Accounting outsourcing can be processed in many ways. It is primarily undertaken by BPO’s situated at various offshore locations. Another way of accounting outsourcing process is available online. There are various companies that handle accounting online and this means that there is no need to physically shift the process to another place. The accounting companies can log into the accounts of the party concerned, do the work required and then can log out. All this is done using a secure path. Independent chartered accountants can do the accounting work of companies. They can be hired on a freelance basis for a fixed period of time.

Accounting outsourcing has a lot of benefits. It reduces the cost of maintaining an accounting department within the concern itself. Because most business is outsourced to the third world, it means that one can avail skilled labor at low cost, which ensures that capital can be utilized elsewhere too. It means that the company can be assured that at least their accounting business will be taken care of in time. However, it should always be kept in mind that accounting is a delicate business so its outsourcing has to be considered thoughtfully.

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