Academics and Extra Curricular Activities-An Adept Combination

By: LuckyBW

An educational institution is made up of many elements, out of them academics and extra-curricular activities are two crucial ingredients that make and shape a child’s future. A child’s development starts at a very early age and parents are the first teachers to start the learning process. It starts with play-schools or kindergarten then moves to primary schools and then secondary schools. This is a stepping-stone in the life of a child and with continuous support it could become a very strong pillar for the future of a child. The power of education gets pupils to where they want to be, it makes them aware, independent, responsible, strong willed, and confident.

Academics in a school are mostly based on the curriculum; public, private and international schools have different curricula all over the world, as each country has its own teaching methodologies. Let us talk about British Curriculum Schools, this kind of curriculum focuses on an all round development of a child, this includes creative learning and focuses on key stages in all phases of life. Teachers in these kinds of schools are trained to handle students of all ages and from different cultures as well.

The British Curriculum delivers quality education at all levels viz primary and secondary stages, the primary curriculum provides proficiency in the following subjects like English, Mathematics, and Science. Other subjects are categorized in foundation subjects like Design & Technology, Geography, History, Music and much more. This curriculum gives a holistic experience to your child with high standards of learning and providing knowledge and skills, the curriculum is planned in a way where it provides a consistent framework for teaching and learning, this curriculum is specifically designed for students to excel in a manner where they can be creative and analytical in their thinking. It is basically a curriculum where lingual abilities can be developed for areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing. An additional language French is taught by a specialized teacher that develops a child’s listening and speaking skills.

The Secondary Curriculum is also very exciting as secondary teachers are masters in the field of teaching, students begin their secondary school years with key stage 3 that incorporates years 7, 8 and 9 and then it moves on to key stage 4 years (10 and 11).Students have to get the required grades so that they can move on to an advanced level of study. Now talking about extra-curricular activities, these British Curriculum schools offer extra-curricular activities to students like football, swimming, basketball, art, music, cooking, drama, construction and much more.

The motto of these schools is to combine these two elements and balance them so that students develop an interest in their academics as well, as we all the lines "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy", there are a multitude of events and sports activities that take place in these schools, where students can take part and explore their talents. These schools allow a lot of parent interaction as well because they do feel parents should actually involve themselves in their child’s educational journey.

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