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By: Gilbert Stockton

When you invest in the stock market today, technology makes the investing a lot easier than it was for the earlier investors. There are various types of stock market software available, with each performing a different task.
Stock software can calculate your purchases and can keep track of your returns necessary for tax reporting. This is very helpful when tax time roles around when you keep good records of your purchases and sells. Without these records it can be difficult to keep track of all your trades. Excel can be helpful however there is also a program called Indigo Wind created as a portfolio manager and stock tracker.
Another type of stock market software keeps track of a stocks growth potential. It helps you decide whether or not sell or hold onto the stock. The fundamentals of a stock are tracked and processed to calculate stock movement. One type of program uses the CAPM, capital asset pricing model, to predict capital return. It can also use sales per/share and profit per/share.
For a short term investor who is looking for quick returns they may use a program that evaluates graphs and dates. They analyze price floors and ceilings to make their prediction. These type of investments carry a lot more risk. There is more variance in stock prices and are often difficult for novice investors.
Some sites offer newsletters to help people determine which stocks to purchase. Often these stocks are chosen by stock market programs and robots. The robots themselves can be very expensive so that is why the newsletter is offered. Often you have to pay a monthly fee to be on such a list. But it is usually cheaper than purchasing the software yourself.
Novice investors need to start with a simple, easy to understand format when they use stock market software for picking stocks. Everyone needs to use some form of tracking profits, whether it is a software program or a paper and pencil.

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