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Asus laptops are coming up in the world and no one likes a monkey on their back, as the case with Asus they had a history of being pre historic as far as technology was concerned. Thatís changed, how? Thatís what we are here for, to review the best of the best, and then take out the best from them and then bring the best to you with the price that is the best and the best bargain as well. What we have for you today is an ASUS laptop that is powered by a Core i7 processor, and churns out an almost ridiculous 8 GB memory.
Now considering its power source you would think that itís might powerful, it isnít, yes it isnít might powerful, in fact it is the most powerful laptop we have reviewed, or maybe the most powerful we shall ever review, when we heard about its specifications we were really eager to get going into the test phase and that is where we fizzle whatever we can and give it the beans, check the battery and then bring you honest reviews and help you get to your targets. So the power is super brilliant and you would have guessed what weíre talking about here, yes, it surely is monstrous powerful but thatís not where the story ends, this laptop is capable of so much more than what meets eye and what meets the eye is a rather simple looking laptop without any flares which made us wonder that it isnít out to prove anything in the world, what it is here to do is to do everything, while saying nothing on the outside, we like that too, this dual personality of a laptop that is more powerful than almost any other laptop we have tested and then say nothing, to boast about its features. There is a DVD writer and a CD writer too, but surprisingly there is no Blu-ray player with this, this is strange that a laptop like this, which has a 17 inch screen which is excellent, is without a Blu ray player, and hence what were you to do without a laptop without a player like that? Well it turns out you can, apart from watching movies and playing games, yes, then we come to games, this one can play every game you ever thought wouldnít be playable by any other laptop because of the power this thing churns out, there isnít a sky for this, there are no limits, so rest assured you would get to wherever you are in a jippy. Build wise it is commendable but the battery sure seems inadequate for a laptop so powerful and it is justice when we think of it because the processor is very powerful so naturally the more you use it, the harder you use it the more battery it would consume of course so if you keep it moderate, you are looking at more battery power and less cries.

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