ARI Makes .NET Ajax Programming Easier Than Ever

By: David Gallucci

Amidst the slew of tools and and libraries for .NET Ajax programming is a gem from Clipper Software ( ) called ARI. ARI is an acronym for Asynchronous Remote Interface, and is one of the best libraries available when building web sites where .NET Ajax programming is required.

The motivation behind the development of ARI was purely practical. Coding Ajax by hand using JavaScript for an enterprise web project is tedious, error prone, and time consuming. For each Ajax call, developers need to account for various client browsers, conversion of data types between client and server, asynchronous callbacks, error callbacks, exception handlers, and more. All of this complex code is required for each Ajax call. Different server side method signatures will require different data mappings, as well as having the client call routing set up on the web server. Project development time should be spent on the project itself. It should not be spent coding system infrastructure over and over again.

ARI was designed with the intention of allowing server side methods to be called from JavaScript code as if you were coding on the back end itself. And ARI truly removes the complexity from .NET Ajax programming by handling all the necessary details normally associated with .NET Ajax such as data marshalling to and from the web server, server-side method invocation using Microsoft's reflection API, serialization and deserialization of both requests and responses, asynchronous callbacks, error and exception handling, and more. This allows programmers to focus their efforts on the unique requirements of the project, thereby maximizing programmer productivity and efficiency.

There is a complete technical discussion on the inner workings of ARI on the Clipper Software website at, as well as numerous code examples on the ARI example code page here: And to make this fabulous library even better, it is 100% free for both personal and commercial use. When you need to do .NET Ajax programming, you can't do much better than ARI - Asynchronous Remote Interface by Clipper Software, LLC.

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David Gallucci is a software engineer with over 20 years experience in enterprise software development, including high concurrency multi-threaded systems, and high performance web applications using .NET Ajax programming technologies.

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