ADD Can Be Treated With Fish Oil

By: Michael Byrd..

Fish oil is an excellent treatment for ADD. This is how it works and why.
Research reveals that children with ADD and ADHD show symptoms which are similar to the symptoms shown by people who are deficient of essential fatty acids.
An information published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says that children "with lower compositions of total omega 3 fatty acids had significantly more behavioral problems, temper tantrums, and learning, health, and sleep problems than did those with high proportions of omega 3 fatty acids." [Vol. 71, No. 1, 327S-330S]
Parents will surely like this natural form of treatment for ADD kids.
Recognizing that there are several options, will make it much easier for them to decide. Parents are given the alternative to try the natural approach first.
Conventional medicines are of course available, but we need to be cautious of the serious side effects that it can give. As for fish oil, there are no bad side effects, only positive health benefits from childhood through old age.
The promotion of this natural treatment for children with ADD and ADHD is now endorsed by scientists.
Take the case of a report published in Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids, the authors noted that treating ADD and ADHD with omega 3 fatty acids is "safe compared to existing pharmacological interventions" [Vol. 63, No.1-2, pp. 79-87]
It eventually got more exciting, when a scientist, made an effort of reviewing all presented studies on omega 3s and presented his findings to the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry [Vol. 48:195-203], "that higher dosages of omega-3 fatty acids (2 to 4g daily) may ameliorate the symptoms of several psychiatric conditions" ? includes ADD and ADHD.
It is indeed a daring report for a scientist to place in print. It isn't that too common to see in the scientific world that they get too excited and would even use words like "ameliorate" to describe a natural nutrient contained in food.
"Ameliorate" simply means to improve your health or make better (much like a "cure") and is often used only for prescription medicines.
Science supports your search for ADD fish oil treatment for your kid. And truly omega 3 fish oil can be a very easy solution. You just need to add more oily fish to your family's daily dietary intake to begin with.
However, we do not mean fish sticks and fish patties. They are made of white meat fish, and definitely lacks omega 3s.
What you basically need is to give them is salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel or herring. Serve it as often as you can. Try to serve it as often as possible. It could really be a challenge to get 2 to 4 grams of fish oil on a daily basis simply by eating those fishes.
You still have an alternative though, and this is to supplement your family's diet with good quality fish oil capsules.
If you must prefer the natural approach instead of conventional medicines, you may need to look for a fish oil product that is pure and without toxins, contains a balanced potency and has the eight members of the omega 3 family.
It certainly is a solution confirmed to work for ADHD and ADD fish oil treatment.

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