ABC's of Using Light Fixtures

By: Tom Sanderrs

Getting the most out of your light fixtures depends on your knowing exactly how to use them. In fact you might not even have thought about some of the ways to use them. You can add a touch of class and beauty to your home when you use light fixtures to your advantage.
An example of dual purpose light fixtures is pendent lighting. It can produce a basic ambient lighting to the room. To achieve the maximum effect of this type of lighting you should try to hang it high up. This will produce a soft, diffuse light by bouncing the illumination off the ceiling.
You can also use pendent fixtures as task lighting. Dining tables and islands often utilize these light fixtures. The pendent lighting should be hung lower so that the light will point downward. Your dining table or island will get a bright, direct light when you do this.
One of the most valuable task lighting fixtures is a lamp. Either floor or table lamps can be utilized. It is important to consider the height of a table lamp when using it for reading. The optimum height will be 40" to 42" from the base of the lamp to the floor. On the other hand floor lamps should stand at a height of 47" and be 10"behind your shoulder.
The size of the room should be carefully thought about before you purchase your light fixtures. The look and feel of a room can be enhanced with the right lighting. Different features of an area can be brought out when you position the lighting fixtures correctly.
Shades and various colors can do wonders for a room. Mundane lamps and light fixtures can take on a whole new look. To create a decorative look for your room oriental shades can be utilized. Intimacy and romance can be created with pastel colors. Create a more relaxing atmosphere by softening the light with shades on your ceiling lamps.
Dimmers will give you the choice to change lighting whenever you need. You can enjoy a dimmed light for relaxing and watching TV, or have a bright light for detailed work. For a baby's room dimmers are ideal as they will let you check on the baby without turning on the light.
A subtle way to use light fixtures is to use them as light reflectors. Track lights will bounce the light off the ceiling. This will give the illusion of a higher ceiling and plus create a soft light.
The mood of a room can be created with colored bulbs. Your entertainment center can also be dressed up in this way. You can even set up different colored light bars and synchronize them to your music. You can also schedule your LED lighting to change colors at different times.

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