A Simple Self Defense Training System

By: Ronald H Jeffries

Being able to protect yourself as an integral human need and learning martial arts is the best way to get this done! If you want to learn self defense and get the health benefits of martial arts this article will expose some truths and facts about the benefits of martial arts training. I will also include some valid self defense information as well, since you are probably reading this to learn how to protect your self more actively.

Self defense training system tip #1 - You have to be constantly drilled in combat and the ability to think quickly for a combat situation. The only way you can really do this active sparring and practicing combat. One of the big problems many people face is freezing in panic when there is violence. To overcome this you need to train in a martial arts or self defense style that is combat focused. Styles like Jeet Kune Do concepts, Krav Maga, Karate, Brazilian Jiujutsu and Win Chun Kung Fu are very valid arts dedicated to useful self defense training moves.

Self defense training system tip #2 - Speaking of self defense styles in the last tip, I would like to suggest some great traditional styles of martial arts that still work and are very valid in todays streets for combat. These martial arts include: Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiujutsu, Judo, Full Contact Karate, and the Phillipino martial arts as well. You can take your training to even higher levels by cross training and taking the best from each style you encounter. The legendary Bruce Lee was a huge believer in this fact so take full advantage of it if you have different martial arts schools in your area.

Self defense training system tip #3 - Studying a style of martial arts that include active practice of combat is one of the biggest priorities you need in a dojo or classroom setting. Getting the most from your training and understanding the techniques while in the mode of full on combat will bring you the techniques and skills you need automatically in a self defense situation.

If you want to learn self defense training that works in the real world actively practice martial arts training and learn as much about self defense as you can! Being able to protect yourself and the people that you care about is up to you. So take advantage of these self defense tips!

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