A Short Lesson in Improving Your Golf Swing

By: Kevin Phillips

When I am holding a golf club in my hands, I constantly get that feeling of wishing to beat hell out of the golf ball. It feels fantastic to plant all of my strength and energy into hitting that small golf ball. Just attacking the golf ball as rigid as I can though does not mean that I in anyway play a proficient game of golf.

If you wish to relieve some of your stress, then attempting to destroy the golf ball may possibly accomplish your goals. If you wish to play the game of golf well, then you will have to hold back on the power.

The most frequent fault is to swing the golf club and try and place the golf ball into orbit. A powerful swing will show that you have power, but if it lands in the lake on the other side of the street it is not much help, accuracy is what makes a skillful golf player.

You need to entirely relax when you swing. This will help you to lower your power. Putting your feet closer together will further reduce the strength of your swing. You have to learn to play in a relaxed way.

Your center of gravity is additionally vital to the game. Ensure your center of gravity is the same every time you strike the ball and keep your head still. If you keep your feet in exactly the same spot during your swing, your center of gravity will stay stable.

If you jerk at any time then your head will change and your focus on the ball will be gone. This might also change your center of gravity. It is really a requirement that you keep your feet planted so that your weight will be equal in both feet when you make connection with the golf ball.

Expending as little effort as viable should be your goal for each swing. If you hit the ball right, then it will feel calm and smooth.

Do not constantly tense up when you are just about to hit the ball. If you do tense up, your balance may be thrown away. The club head must fly in a straight line to make decent contact with the golf ball.

To aid with correct your slicing, see how centered you can make connection with the golf ball with your club and how low you can keep the ball for the duration of flight. If you drive the ball extremely high, it may get into the wind and can be blown into rough ground. Also the higher it goes, the less distance it will fly.

You need to employ only the amount of power that is essential to be able to control it. The goal of golf is not power, but accuracy. You have to be able to control every facet with regard to your swing so that you arrive at the golf ball cleanly and it goes exactly where you wish it to go.

Distance will arrive naturally from your clean and correct swing and not how much power that you get into it.

You ought to attempt to slowly increase your speed for the duration of your swing and make connection with the golf ball solidly. So if you do not have a decent smooth swing, then you may be pulling your hands somewhere in the course of the swing. Learn to keep your head as still as if you had a beaker of beer balanced on it. This will help your swing and help you to swing more gracefully and smoothly.

Swing at a good enough speed though to keep yourself from becoming tense. Do not swing too leisurely or so fiercely that you feel all the effort in the swing. Keep yourself relaxed.

Keep the concept of power out of your head. Keeping your power under control will help you be more accurate, and that is what counts!

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