A Mother with Iron Will

By: Andre Lee

THE TRUE STORY: Crystalline, the mother has a 1˝ years’ old daughter who is living with a very serious disease. She wants to share her story because she feels that she needs to help people know about the disease and help them face it if ever they are in the same boat.

First, she has a message for all parents who are devastated by the news of their children who are affected by serious sickness. She encourages everyone to never lose hope for they, by themselves will learn to live with the disease and to find their own way to go through. Your child needs you, your smile, your courage and your unwavering moral support. The child will feel sad and cry when you are upset and will smile with you when you are happy. Parents are the ones to bring the sick child to feel positive and strong.

For the past one year, Crystalline has come across many moments of hardship after she learned that her little daughter Angelina is suffering from nephritic syndrome, which occurs at any age but is most common in the children of ages1˝ to 8 and is the first sign of a disease that damages the tiny blood-filtering units in the kidneys, where urine is made.

Angelina was not keeping very well and she was having ear and throat infections. They went to see the doctor, awaiting the result of the test was a very painful moment. When the result came, and the confirmation of the analysis was rather scaring. She was stunned when the doctor proclaimed that Angelina was seriously ill and informed her what the disease was. She felt the world crumbling around her, though she understood she had no reason to give up fighting for her little baby. Later the little girl started having high levels of protein in the urine, swelling on the face and other parts of the body, resulting from buildup of salt and water. She was having swelling around the eyes, belly, and legs and was gaining weight.

Healthy kidneys keep protein in the blood, which helps the blood soak up water from tissues. But kidneys with damaged filters may let protein leak in top the urine. As a result, not enough protein is left in the blood to soak up the water. The water then moves from the blood into the body tissues and causes swelling.

Starting the Treatment

When Angelina the little child started her treatments at the hospital, the mother had to leave her job and dedicated a major part of her time looking after the child who was only one and a half years. It was not easy for her to adapt to the new life but she kept faith that tomorrow will be a better day for her child.

The treatment was harsh because Angelina the little child could not take medicine with the contents of cortisone. There were times when Angelina was nearly coming out of her illness, but again and again she would relapse. However, the mother did not lose courage and was determined to give the best of her to fight back the disease and keep her daughter happy.

Then was the time they moved to Reunion Island and Angelina started treatment there. The mother stayed with her child in the hospital and it was there that she learnt how to manage the disease and she also learnt many things from the doctors, dietitians and other parents. The mother had to adapt to a new way of living. Everything had to be done according to time and discipline. There was a time to eat, time to go to bed, time to have medicine, and everything was planed.

New Recipes

The mother had to learn new recipes. As for food, everyday she had to give something new to her daughter who was having a strict medical prescription from consuming oil, salt, and sugar. Creative and colorful diets whet Angelina’s appetite, otherwise she would refuse to eat. Fortunately she loves yogurt and fruits. She cannot eat sweet and cakes. She also had to collect urine sample to test for protein everyday. Telling the little child what had happened to her was a very delicate issue. The mother had to introduce to her new treatments and new doctors in such a way so that she does not get traumatized.

Finally her daughter got used to going to hospital and seeing doctors. According to the mother she believes that parents should know how to communicate in this type of situation so that the child lives as normally as possible. Julia, the elder daughter had to be prepared to understand the way Angelina has to live and how she has to make with the absence of her mother when she goes to hospital to stay with Angelina. The mother added that an understanding family is definitely a very fundamental support.

The family has spent a lot for the treatment, but today they are happy that little Angelina is doing well. The support of the family was important.

Now Crystalline, the mother advises all parents needing help to make an effort and communicate with people because there are various NGOs, and people who are willing to help.

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