A Mother's Advice on Picking the Best Baby Monitor System

By: Jennie C. Hodson

As the mother of six children, I have spent more than my share of time trying to find the best baby and child monitor system. Even when I was able to stay home with a baby, it was still necessary for me to do other things while that child was sleeping and older children were playing. Life doesn't stop and there is still laundry, dishes, general cleaning as well as meals to make, and other members of the household that need attention.
There had to be a way that I could be on top of what was going on in the nursery and still get other things done. So, I started being the unofficial tester of baby monitoring systems. No, I did not get paid by, nor was I approached by any company or supplier. I tried out different systems until I found one that met all of my needs and that made me feel secure.
It is a daunting task to find the right monitoring system. You want the best for your children, yet you don't want to appear paranoid. For my infants and toddlers, the best choices were systems that allowed me to be in another room when the baby or toddler was sleeping, yet I was able to keep an eye on them. This was actually easier than I had anticipated because there were several companies that produced just the kind of thing that I was looking for. I wanted something that was portable (I needed to be able to go about the daily chores), reliable (had a really good and proven track record), and affordable (wasn't going to call for the investment of my child's college fund).
The most convenient monitoring system for me came with a portable camera that I could locate in any room that I had the baby. I often had the baby nap in her bascinette in the livingroom, or play in her playpen while I was doing chores. With the camera on the baby and amonitor that I took from room to room with me.
The monitor had a screen that allowed me to see the baby all the time and the camera would move to look in the direction of any sound, so I new if one of the other children had gone in to play with the baby. As for cost, I wanted something that was very affordable and found that a very reliable system could be purchased for under $200.00 and many different combinations of systems were available from places that I already shopped regularly like Target.
I do recommend getting the insurance package with the monitor because electronic things have a tendency to short out and being able to have it replaced at little or no cost is important.

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