A Mace Pepper Gel Will Do The Trick

By: Steve Thibeault

No longer is it possible to leave our home's front door unlocked when we go out, or to venture out alone with no worries. Self-defense must be always on our mind when we go about our normal day-to-day business. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who are inclined to do us harm or deprive us of our belongings. We have an ally, however in the self-defense industry and they continue to innovate. The latest example is the mace pepper gel.
Long established as the leader in the defensive spray industry,mace has done well to establish its brand. Just think of the product and you envision extreme discomfort and pain. Mace pepper gel is probably even more potent than the traditional products which have been designed to be dispensed as a foam, fog or a fine mist.
The primary ingredient in mace pepper gel is OC, or Oleoresin Capsicum, derived from the cayenne pepper. When scientists want to know how hot something is, they refer to the Scoville Heat Unit, and the measurement is very high for this product.
Whilst the regular mace has a range of about 12 feet, the mace pepper gel extends that to as far as 18 feet. This means that the potential victim need not be as close to the would-be attacker any more. In addition, the consistency of the gel holds together very well, especially in windy conditions. It is very good at reaching its target.
Even more potent than regular pepper spray, mace pepper gel also causes extreme pain, especially in the eyes. Symptoms exhibited include choking, wheezing, shortness of breath and temporary blindness. As the gel actually get into the skin, it is very "gooey" and difficult to remove.
Very often, the fact that you have a mace pepper gel dispenser in your hand could be enough to force the would-be attacker to back off. If you raise the product up in an defensive pose and quickly tell the crook what's going on, you'll probably find that he will run the other way. If not, a quick emission and you should have adequate time to escape whilst he is concentrating on his incapacity!
The mace pepper gel can fire up to seven, one second bursts and has a special flip top cap to prevent accidental spraying. Note that there are restrictions on its use in certain cities and states and you may not ship it to Wisconsin, New York or Massachusetts.
If you are on the receiving end of a mace pepper gel you can be sure it will be a nasty experience. For your protection, carry one whenever you travel alone, either on foot or in the car. Remember that a would-be attacker could jump out at your car when you stop at a red light.

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Writer Steve Thibeault has extensive knowledge of self-defense products and techniques. Learn more about a Mace Pepper gel.

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