A Look At Why Families Homeschool

By: Rachel Rae..

There are many reasons why families choose to homeschool. Some include not having to wake them up at 7AM or earlier, bundle off to school with umpteen instructions, then wait anxiously until their return home. Homeschool gives more influence over what comes into your child's life that affects them. The growth and development of your child is not in the realm of the unknown. You can decide on the needs of your child for learning. Customizing the curriculum to suit the needs and interest of your child is another huge benefit to homeschooling.

Individual attention is a major factor as well. It's tough to get with a large classroom of other children. If your child excels at one subject, yet struggles in another, it allows more time to be put to the difficult subject without creating more pressure on the child. The amount of time needed per subject varies with each child, so it can customized to the child's needs.

Family usually becomes an extended learning experience as parents get involved in every step of the learning procedure. Field trips and experiments become family activities, bringing more quality time to the child's life. The family shares games, chores and projects brining them closer. Negative peer pressure is reduced while making choices and decisions, allowing them to get a healthier base.

Comparison and competition are kept to a minimum allowing the child to learn for education's sake and not based on what the kid next desk over is doing. Their confidence remains intact. Parents can also learn what piques a child's interests. Tough subjects can be interspersed with fun activities to keep boredom down and a love for learning up. A tough hour of Math can be followed up with a field trip to a museum for instance. Parents can also tailor learning to fit the child's learning style, whether that is seeing objects in motion, reading or auditory learning styles.

Homeschooling allows parents to shape their child's moral and religious beliefs and make life less confusing as the child is hearing a consistent message in their education. Field trips or projects can also be done to incorporate in action their beliefs.

Finally, more parents are disillusioned with the public school system. Many believe that their children are either being pushed too hard or too little. Other concerning issues regarding discipline and ethics also make the school system less desirable. Many disagree with the educational philosophy of grouping children solely on the basis of their age. Many parents themselves have unpleasant or even terrible memories of their own public school experience that is a driving factor for them to choose homeschooling when it comes to their own children.

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